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It’s time for your favourite mobile news update! This week at The Hub we’re looking into the new rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s huge battery-size, why people are speculating that the iPhone X Plus could have a triple lens camera,

and more.

We’re also checking out Apple’s new patent to boost water resistance, and investigating why the Galaxy S10 and LG G8 could be ready to ditch the notch in favour of true full-screen displays

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have huge battery

According to a new leak from a trusted tipster, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could have a significantly upgraded battery compared to the Note 8. According to the claim the upcoming phone will have a massive 4000mAh battery – compared to the current 3300mAh battery on the Note 8.

While this is plausible, we’re still taking this with a grain of salt, as Samsung has been hesitant over large battery increases in the past due to the infamous Note 7.

iPhone X leaked drawing show triple lens camera


Newly leaked sketches of the iPhone X Plus show a fantastic 6.5-inch screen and a triple lens rear camera. The schematics came from accessory maker, Ghostek, so they are not Apple official. However, they are likely to be accurate they can’t be fully trusted.

Leaked drawings also showed the iPhone 9 to have a 6.1-inch screen, a single lens rear camera, and a large notch. It’s also rumoured that the 9 will have 1st gen FaceID while the XI will get the new 2nd gen tech.

Samsung Galaxy S10 & LG G8 may ditch notch in favour of new tech

According to new rumours, both Samsung and LG are ready to implement ‘sound-emitting displays’ that resonate audio onto the phone screen, eliminating the need for a speaker. This could mean cutting down on space at the front of these phones allowing a true all-screen design with no notch.

However, with other phones utilising the notch to hold impressive tech such as FaceID, either, or both manufacturers could choose the use the free space for something new!

New patent hints at more water resistant iPhones

One of the key issues in Apple’s water resistance standards is that their phones’ water resistance can be compromised if an accessory is plugged in. However, Apple looks to be fixing that problem with a new patent filed with the USPTO.

The patent describes ‘sealed accessories for electronic devices’ which can create a watertight seal when plugged in. While it won’t help with current accessories, Apple could well be incorporating this into their future products.

underwater phone

Samsung Galaxy X could cost almost £1,400

According to analysts from Golden Bridge Investment and Shinhan Financial, the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy X will be making a limited appearance in January 2019 and cost a whopping £1,400. The phone is tipped to be Samsung’s foldable phone that has been talked about for a number of years now.

Golden Bridge Investment has said that the phone will have a huge 7.3-inch OLED display that will reduce to 4.5-inches when folded. We can’t wait to see what this phone will look like, but currently, Samsung isn’t giving away any hints.

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