Mobile news: what happened this week?

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Welcome back to another week’s mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re celebrating Tesco Mobile being the least complained about network operator in the UK, and of course seeing what is new in the industry. Find out about the rumoured gold iPhone X, the new Android P updates, the latest Moto G6 announcement, and how iOS is getting support for the new Windows 10 Timeline feature.

Tesco Mobile had least complaints of all networks in the UK

According to new data from Ofcom, Tesco Mobile had the least complaints out of any mobile network in the UK – having only 1 complaint per 100,000 customers. This is the 15th consecutive quarter that Tesco Mobile has been the least complained about network.

Gold iPhone X rumoured to be close to release

iPhoneX gold

According to tipsters, a new gold iPhone X is in the works and newly discovered images that Apple filed with the FCC in the US seem to support this. The images were filed back in 2017, before the original iPhone X release which could indicate that is was held back from the first release.

While it’s still only rumours at this point, the pictures do indicate that Apple has definitely been thinking about a gold release and we look forward to an official announcement.

New Android P rumours surface from the developer preview

According to developers who have gotten their hands on the new Android P, there has been an overhaul to the visual design of the operating system and the clock has moved from the far right to the far left side of Android P’s top status bar.

We’ve also heard that the new software can remember your preferred volume setting for every Bluetooth device you use. This is a helpful feature for those who swap between different listening devices, so you never have your headphones too loud or your speakers too quiet.

Moto G6 announced

Motorola introduced its latest range of Moto G smartphones yesterday. Within the G line is the Moto G6, which boasts curved edges on the back and an 5.7″ display with thin bezels on the front.

With a powerful Snapdragon 450 processor and options of 4GB of RAM, the Moto G6 is the first-ever Motorola phone to include a USB-C. There’s no waterproof technology on the G6, but the latest Motorola smartphone does feature a fingerprint sensor that can detect gestures and replaces Android control keys. The new and improved dual rear cameras offer portrait mode and include new features, like an “active photo” mode that captures videos with each picture, as well as built-in facial filters.

Although the Moto G6 does not include any standout features, it is more about combining top-level elements – like superior design and display – into one, affordable handset.   Watch this space for its release on Tesco mobile.

Windows 10 timeline support added to Edge beta on iOS

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The upcoming Windows 10 timeline feature is a hugely anticipated option that allows users to jump back into what they were doing on other devices. This is a fantastic step turning windows into a multi-platform software and we’re very excited to see this start to roll out to iOS.

While the Windows update has yet to come out, the multiplatform support needs to be in place and we can’t wait to see this reach Android phones as well.

That’s everything for this week’s mobile news roundup! Remember to check back in next week at The Hub to keep up to date on your mobile industry updates and rumours!