Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

We’ve all eagerly counted down the days till the weekend, here at The Hub, we like to celebrate with the weekly mobile news report. This week we’re talking about rumoured iPhone 8 features, the possibility of 360 sound recordings within the HTC U 11.   And for fans of the 1990s, we’ll also discuss the recently launched new SIM mobile game.

HTC U 11 teasers suggest 360 sound recording

A teaser posted to HTC’s Twitter page for the upcoming HTC U 11 seems to suggest that the phone may be able to record sound in 360 degrees. The teaser remains vague, but features dirt bikes releasing sound waves as they silently circle an individual. While this does not directly indicate 360 sound recording, the below caption ‘360 real-life recording’ more strongly suggests the possibility.

 iPhone 8 may have a rear touch ID sensor 

The iPhone 8 is certainly a hotly discussed topic and weekly rumours abound on possible features. This week rumour has it that the Touch ID sensor may be located on the back of the iPhone 8. Supposedly, Apple is struggling to embed the sensor on the front of the phone. This was a problem experienced earlier this year by Samsung. Whether Apple will be able to correct this problem remains skeptical and it seems that we’ll have to wait till the iPhone 8 is released in September (assuming of course that it’s released on time) to know for sure.

Sim Mobile released in Brazil

On May 12th, The Sim Mobile was launched in Brazil and will soon be rolled out for other countries. For those of us lucky to be alive in the 1990s, this is big news. While this isn’t the first Sim Mobile game, it hopefully will have a better success rate than its predecessors. Other mobile SIM games have greatly changed the game and ultimately failed. This latest version will be available for free on iOS and Android phones. All the traditional features are rumoured to be included and will include social elements so SIMs can be friends with other online players.

This has certainly been an interesting week in the mobile news world. Check in next week for all the latest updates from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News