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With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, attention turns to the next big releases in 2017, and LG and Apple lead the pack when it comes to rumours and buzz. All isn’t roses for Apple, however, with news that Nokia has launched a major lawsuit against the iconic brand. Advanced technology is also high on the agenda, with UK companies looking at 5G and a tech giant team investigating the possibilities of foldable phones.

LG to wow with a new smartphone for 2017

Samsung might be the brand that comes to mind when thinking of Korean mobile phones, but LG is hot on its heels with several big successes in 2016. Information about its new flagship handset for next year makes it look as though LG is ready to make a stand and claim a space for itself as a serious smartphone competitor.

The new G6 model, which is predicted to be out in the first half of 2017, will build on the already substantial successes of the G5 but with added pizzazz. Expected features include virtual reality compatibility, health monitoring options, eye-sensor technology and waterproofing.

Tech giants to team up for foldable mobile technology

LG has another trick up its sleeve to cement its reputation as a top mobile competitor. In a bid to revolutionise smartphone displays, tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft are teaming up with the South Korean smartphone developer to investigate the possibilities of OLED technology. This technology may have been pioneered by Samsung, but LG believes it has the ability to make foldable smartphones a reality.

With such a large amount of capital investment behind it, LG will have the opportunity to expand on its rumoured prototype and work to be the company that will finally introduce foldable phones to today’s consumers.

samsung-foldable-phone resize-min

2017 could see an iPhone 7s alongside the iPhone 8

Apple fans enjoyed getting their hands on the iPhone 7 in 2016 and are sure to be even more excited about the release of the 8, as this new handset will also feature a brand new design language. The latest iPhone is expected to be the biggest shake up in years, and it’s rumoured to be hitting shelves in 2017.

Information also seems to suggest that the iPhone 8 will be launched as a high-end model alongside two iterations of the iPhone 7s, which would use the same logic board design as the iPhone 7 series.

Nokia launches a lawsuit against Apple

Lawsuits are nothing new in the highly competitive and fast-moving world of mobile phone development, but the latest legal attack on Apple is a big one. Nokia has filed lawsuits in America and Germany, accusing the brand of infringing 32 of its patents – covering everything from display to video coding. The two mobile phone titans spent much of 2009 to 2011 slugging it out in a courtroom and with this new lawsuit, it looks as though there may be plenty more patent wars taking place over the next few years.

UK committed to bringing 5G to mobiles 

The world is already looking to the future when it comes to data speeds, and it appears 5G is the next big milestone. BT’s chief executive has promised that the company is determined to maximise the potential of 5G for customers and have formed a pact with China’s Huawei to lead global development of 5G.

What might 5G mean for you? The biggest and most exciting impact of new 5G technology for the average mobile phone user will be faster download speeds – perfect for big game players or TV viewers who want to enjoy their favourite hobbies on-the-go.

That’s our roundup of the biggest news in smartphones this week – be sure to check back next Friday for the latest updates!

Mobile Phone News