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In this week’s mobile news, we’ve got updates on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as what new emojis we can expect on iOS 10.2 and reports on the end of Vine. We’ve also heard rumours of Facebook testing a new camera feature and updates on Uber, so let’s get started!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge gets a makeover

Alongside the death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the new ‘Blue Coral’ colour introduced on the handset died too. However, Samsung has announced it plans to bring the shade back from the grave as a new option for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Worthy of its name, the Blue Coral colour is a two-tone metallic blue shade surrounded by a gold frame that catches the eye. The new option will be released in the US before the end of the year, with the UK and Australia following suit in the new year. The new shade will reinvigorate one of the best phones of 2016 and undoubtedly boost sales once again.

Facebook testing Snapchat-inspired camera

If you can’t beat them, join them – Facebook is trialling a new Snapchat-esque camera with several filters and features similar to the photo app. Using the built-in camera tool on the Facebook app, you can instantly apply special effects to your snaps and videos before uploading to your page or sending it directly to your chosen friends. Just like Snapchat, your message will exist for 24 hours with the ability to watch it once, although there’s a limited replay option. There’s no word on when this will be rolled out to everyone on the app, but it looks set to be the way to keep younger users engaged with the social media site.

New emojis iOS 10.2

New emojis are coming to iOS 10.2

Emojis lovers rejoice – Apple is set to release a whole new crop of icons with its latest update, iOS 10.2. The newest instalment of the operating system looks to be the most expansive yet, with countless emojis to get your message across. There are more than 72 emojis awaiting release, with the likes of a facepalm, shrug and occupations, from a fireman to a lawyer, being introduced. Not to mention, there’s finally a male equivalent to the sassy flamingo dancer, donning a disco suit. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait!

Uber to get more expensive

If you’ve ditched the traditional taxi in favour of Uber, then your rides may be about to get a little bit more expensive. An employment tribunal case has ruled that two Uber drivers in the UK should be considered official employees of the company, rather than being self-employed, which means they are entitled to holiday pay, breaks and the National Minimum Wage. While it currently only affects two of the 40,000 Uber drivers currently in the UK, it sets a standard for the company and may make it easier for other drivers to become employees too. To cover the cost, Uber may have no choice but to up its prices. The case may also have bigger implications worldwide, as Uber has been involved in lawsuits in both the US and Australia.

It’s the end of the line for Vine

Twitter has announced it plans to discontinue Vine in the next few months. After only three years on the scene, the short-form video app has been the source of many viral videos, but its owner has decided to call it a day for unclear reasons. Whether it be because of declining popularity or the inability to make money from the service, users will no longer be able to create Vines. However, Twitter has assured that existing content will continue to live on the Vine website, so we can still enjoy old videos that made us laugh.

That’s all from us this week! Be sure to come back next Friday for all the latest mobile news and updates from Tesco Mobile.

Mobile Phone News