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Welcome back to another jam-packed edition of our mobile news! This week we’ve got more updates on the Samsung Note 7, as well as Apple’s new AirPods and LG’s next flagship device. As for apps, we’ve got news on Facebook’s plans for its very own version of Prisma and Instagram may be next to try out live streaming.

Samsung is still reeling from the explosive Note 7

We’ve been keeping you informed of all the latest updates on the Samsung Note 7 in our weekly mobile news round-ups and it’s not over yet for the company. The mass recall and subsequent end of production of the faulty Note 7 has led to the company’s lowest share in the smartphone market since 2014. It is estimated that Samsung has shipped a total of 72.5 million handsets in the last quarter, which is down from around 83.8 million during the same quarter last year – that’s a hefty 13.5% drop. This means there’s more pressure than ever on the Samsung Galaxy S8 to make up for lost ground when it’s released early next year.

Apple AirPods delayed until further notice

If you were looking forward to donning a set of Apple’s snazzy new wireless AirPods with your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Originally set for an October launch, the release of the Bluetooth earbuds has been delayed as Apple need more time to perfect the product before shipping it worldwide. Not exactly music to our ears, as the latest iPhone models do not feature a headphone jack, so we’ll need to make do with the adapter until further notice.

Facebook is working on its version of Prisma

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Prisma at Tesco Mobile and it seems like we’re not alone. Facebook has announced it’s working on its very own version of the popular media editing app – the difference is it’ll only be available for video editing. Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox showcased a prototype for the technology at a recent interview during the WSJD Live conference in California. It claims to work faster than Prisma and can filter videos in real-time, which Prisma can’t currently do. However, as it is very much still in the early stages, Facebook has yet to confirm how they will implement the technology and when.

Instagram may be next to adopt live streaming

After the success of Facebook Live, it seems everyone’s favourite photo app may be next to introduce live streaming. This isn’t the first time Instagram has taken inspiration from a rival, as they recently introduced their own version of Snapchat Stories. Currently in the testing phase, the option to live stream on Instagram appears as part of the Stories feature and can be launched by tapping on the red button branded “Go Insta!”. Whether this will be rolled out worldwide will depend heavily on how well the testers enjoy it, so we’ll have to wait for the verdict.

LG G6 to drop the modules

The LG G5 saw the revolutionary idea of incorporating removable modules into the design, so users could reap the benefits of extra battery capacity, better camera controls and enhanced audio, to name but a few. However, it seems that this wasn’t as groundbreaking as originally thought, as the South Korean company is set to drop the idea with its next flagship device, the LG G6. The reason behind the decision is simple – the LG G5 wasn’t popular enough. Most of the public did not embrace the idea of shelling out extra money for modules and were content with simpler smartphones. It seems to be a case of stick to what you know for LG, who is set to release the LG G6 next year.

That’s all for this week’s mobile news – be sure to visit The Hub again next Friday for all the latest updates from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News