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What a week it’s been for updates across all operating systems and devices. With even more gossip from iOS regarding the launch of the new iPhone 7, plus rumoured Nokia releases and the latest on the new video calling app, Duo, let’s get stuck in and give you the latest mobile technology news.

iPhone 7 latest: faster charging and even more space

With the world still hanging on for the official release date from Apple, more speculation around the notorious iPhone 7 came to light this week. The latest news being that the new must-have device will boast as much memory as an entry-level MacBook 2016. The producers of flash-based memory have witnessed strong demand for this technology in new smartphones, including the iPhone 7. Of course this has sparked excitement as the number of photos, songs, apps and files we can store in our pocket continues to grow.

Amidst the frenzy of increased iPhone storage came the added possibility of speedy charging. Battery life is always the bugbear of the smartphone user, but with Chinese sources indicating that the new Apple device will support fast charging of at least 5 volts, perhaps we can look forward to a quicker charging experience similar to other leading smart phones on the market. As Apple’s September press conference draws nearer we’re getting closer day-by-day to cementing the truth about 2016’s most talked about phone.

Nokia to release new devices

For many of us our first ever mobile phone was a Nokia model. In recent years the communication giants have slipped under the radar as smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung dominate the market. Now though, with a deal with Microsoft that restricted Nokia using its name on phones nearly over, can we expect a resurgence from the Finnish technology leader?

Rumblings suggest that we can expect not only new smartphones, but tablets to appear with Nokia’s reinvention. The new devices will run Android which is an exciting refresh as the brand moves away from its affiliation with Microsoft. At this stage the specifications of the new tablets and phones are still distant rumblings but watch this space for the latest news on the Nokia releases.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: the official price

Finally, the rumours have stopped and we now know for sure what the hottest Samsung phablet is going to actually offer us. On top of its incredible waterproof-ness and futuristic iris scanner we can now take a deep intake of breath and tell you how much the long awaited device will cost.

For anyone not wishing to pre-order the device, the Note 7 will be appearing in UK stores from Friday 2 September and will cost you a pricey £749. Expect payment plans for 6, 12 or 24 months, making that hefty price tag sting a little less.

Google Duo gets personal

Move aside FaceTime and Skype, Google Duo has arrived and we’re loving its simplicity. Available in 78 languages and with cool new features like Knock Knock – allowing you to see your caller live on video before you answer – Google Duo uses your number and list of contacts with end-to-end encryption.

We’ve known about the arrival of Duo since Google’s developer conference in May but, as of Monday, it’s finally here. Hook up with your besties by getting the app free on both iOS and Android devices. It’s clean-cut look is its main selling point and users are already praising the no-frills interface. The clever calling app also works on slower networks, reducing video quality to compensate for any annoying lag, so being disconnected shouldn’t be an issue.

Android QuadRooter bug

Phones running Qualcomm chipsets have recently been identified as being vulnerable to risk of a new Android bug termed “Quadrooter”. The quad part of the name refers to four specific flaws which means potential hackers could gain access to your Android smartphone by using an attacking app.

It sounds scary but the chance of downloading a malevolent app is low as long as you stay vigilant. In fact, there have been no recorded incidents of the Qualcom vulnerability being exploited. Just to be safe though, keep your phones updated with the latest software, only download from trusted sources and keep an eye out on the Tesco Mobile hub for any bug updates.

That’s it for this week’s mobile news – be sure to come back next Friday for your latest update from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News