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Welcome back to this week’s mobile news, your weekly round-up of all things noteworthy from the world of mobile technology! This week, LG has confirmed an exciting new feature on its V20 smartphone, Facebook has changed its News Feed (again!) and Pokémon GO has released a new feature to help us track those critters easier. We also have updates on the hotly anticipated iPhone 7 and rumours around the Samsung Galaxy S8, so let’s get started!

LG confirms brand new feature on V20 smartphone

LG is due to release their all-new smartphone next month, the V20, and has finally revealed one of its’ biggest features – it’s all about audio. The LG V20 will feature Quad DAC (that’s digital to analogue converter, in case you didn’t know), which significantly improves the audio quality, as it supports 32-bit music files. However, there’s a drawback – only one Android music player currently supports Quad DAC, so you’ll need to use Neutron Music Player if you want to hear the difference.

What is that difference? Well, LG claims that Quad DAC reduces ambient noise levels by at least 50%, in comparison to 2015’s LG V10, and videos can record more precise sounds – perfect for capturing your favourite song at gigs, for instance. The LG V20 is sure to have more exciting new features, which we’ll soon discover when it hits stores in September.

Facebook plans to make your News Feed more informative

We’ve seen a lot of changes to Facebook’s News Feed recently and it’s not due to stop any time soon, as the social network is adding a new ‘ranking signal’ to show informative stories more prominently. But, how will it do this? Facebook has got a team working behind the scenes, known as the Feed Quality Program, to rank stories on a scale of one to five, from ‘really not informative’ to ‘really informative’, which will affect how they are displayed in your News Feed. The idea is to make your feed more valuable to you, so you may not see the same posts as your friends.

If you’ve never heard of the Feed Quality Program (which few of us have), it’s essentially a survey consisting of tens of thousands of participants that decide the relevancy of stories. But, Facebook will also take into consideration your own interests, who posted the story and what content you usually engage with, before altering what you see. The new ranking signal metric comes just after Facebook changed its News Feed to abolish clickbait articles and with constant changes to the algorithm, we’re sure to see even more updates in the future.

Updates on Apple iPhone 7 release date, design and more

As excitement builds for the imminent iPhone 7, Apple is continually teasing more information about their new flagship device. We can now be sure of a September release date for the iPhone 7, as the last few iPhones have been released in this month. Apple has also confirmed iOS 10 is set to drop in autumn, so it makes sense that it will be featured in the iPhone 7. There’s rumours going around that the actual launch event will be held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 – this would be pretty neat to unveil the iPhone 7 on the 7th of the month…

As for the iPhone 7 design, we may not see any radical changes from the previous iPhone. We could see another colour option in the form of ‘Space Black’, which hasn’t been seen since 2012’s iPhone 5. The iPhone 7 is also set to be slimmer than its predecessor and may (finally) be waterproof, but that remains to be seen. Rumour has it that the camera bump seen on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be ditched for a totally flat back, but whether the 3.5mm headphone will be included in the final design or not is still unclear.

Pokémon GO trialling new Nearby feature

If you’re glued to Pokémon GO, chances are you will have already downloaded the latest update that has seen a brand new feature implemented to the tracking system – but only for certain users. Some lucky players now have two sections listed under the tracking section, ‘Nearby’ and ‘Sightings’. Nearby shows Pokémon that have been spotted by other players near Pokéstops, whereas Sightings hasn’t been fully explained by the developers, but looks similar to what the Nearby feature used to be.

The latest Pokémon GO update also reminds you not to play while driving and if you are travelling too fast, it will ask you to confirm you are a passenger. It also brings power saving mode back to iOS and fixed a bug that caused you to lose XP when scoring a “Nice”, “Great” or “Excellent” when catching a Pokémon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature curved screen

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a momentous achievement for the smartphone company, exceeding expectations to become one of the best phones on the market today. That means the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot to live up to! Rumour has it that Samsung will be making their new flagship with curved screens and Edge display as standard, so you no longer need to upgrade your handset to get the top-end display – a pretty good start to trumping the Galaxy S7!

Samsung is continually working to improve the functionality of their displays and aims to make the curved Edge screen a permanent feature of all future devices. As for the rumoured foldable phone, which we talked about in our mobile news back in May, it looks like the company is in no rush to release something just for the sake of being first – they want to nail the technology before offering it to the public.

That’s a wrap for this week’s mobile news – be sure to check Tesco Mobile’s Hub next Friday for the latest updates!

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