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Mobile Phone News

Welcome to the latest edition of our mobile news round-up. This week, we have updates on the latest in 5G developments, news on the most recent LG G6 release rumours, and details of ZTE’s Hawkeye project. In addition, we take a look at the exciting launches and announcements expected to take place at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this weekend.

5G is on its way

The launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 LTE Modem means that 5G is growing ever closer to becoming a reality for mobile users. The X20 is able to deliver speeds up to 1.2 Gigabits to smartphones, which means fibre optic-style download speeds without the need for a wired connection. This development follows on from Qualcomm’s X16, which brought speeds of 1Gbps, but the 20% increase won’t be available until 2020, with devices able to support it due for release in 2018.

ZTE cancels Hawkeye Kickstarter campaign

The manufacturer ZTE has cancelled the Kickstarter campaign it set up to fund its new project, Hawkeye. Hawkeye was to be a self-adhesive phone with eye tracking, allowing you to place it on a surface in front of you and scroll using only your eyes for a completely hands-free experience.

While ZTE are renowned for thinking outside the box, it seems as though this project just didn’t fit – although the public were consulted about the phone’s design, the Kickstarter campaign raised only a small percentage of its goal. They’re not scrapping Hawkeye completely, though; the company plan to release a similar device with wildly different specs by the end of 2017.

What to expect from MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile industry event, is taking place from 27 February to 2 March in Barcelona. It’s the place to be for phone launches and product announcements, and there’s a lot to look forward to this year. The most anticipated phones of 2017 are likely to be announced at MWC; rumour has it that we’ll be seeing the LG G6, Sony Xperia X2, and Huawei P10. Along with these exciting new smartphone launches, we’ll be hearing about the latest smart watches, tablets and wearables, as well as news on longer lasting batteries and 4K displays.


LG G6 release rumours

Rumours have been circulating about the LG G6 design, and they can finally be put to rest: LG has revealed the handset will have a ‘sleek, full-metal body.’ The new device will also boast a 13MP dual-lens camera, 5.7-inch QHD 18:9 display, and a waterproof design.

You’ll be able to get your hands on one soon enough – the G6 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this weekend, and the release date is rumoured to be 10 March – a month after its presumed South Korea launch date.

When to expect Google’s Android Nougat

The newest version of Google’s Android OS, Nougat, has been rolling out slowly across a of number devices over the past few months. It’s pre-loaded onto the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and is available to download on the Google Pixel C, Nexus 5X, 6, 6P and 9, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It’s available for almost all LG G5 phones, but there’ll be a wait for LG V10 and LG G4 users. Most Sony Xperia phones are good to go, excluding the Xperia XA and XA Ultra, and it’s rolling out onto HTC 10, One A9 and One M9, alongside Motorola’s Moto Z and Moto Z Force, although its X series phones will have to wait until May.

That’s all the mobile news we’ve got for you this week – join us again next Friday for all the latest updates from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News