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Welcome back to another issue of mobile news at The Hub! This week, we’re looking at the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9, as well as the first leaked images of the iPhone X Plus. We are also checking out the new algorithm that is set to improve facial recognition and the new Qualcomm 5G modules and chipsets.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has launched with best camera and screen available

The Samsung Galaxy S9 launched on Sunday with a truly impressive camera and truly innovative specs. DxOMark has even ranked the S9 as having the best camera on any smartphone on the market – just edging out the Google Pixel 2.

According to DisplayMate’s rigorous testing, this smartphone also has the best OLED display ever made – despite running at the same resolution as its predecessor. It features improved colour accuracy and reaches the rating of “Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect”.

Not only this, but Samsung has added new software, dubbed Project Treble, that should make it easier for the phones to upgrade their OS. This is very exciting, as historically, Samsung phones have had to wait quite some time for the resolution of bug fixes before getting the latest versions of Android.



Facial recognition gets a boost with new algorithm

Researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have created a new algorithm that could boost the security and reliability of facial recognition. The program works by removing excess light from the image – so the if light is coming from behind or above the subject, the camera can still recognise the subject.

This could well be used in mobile facial security, such as FaceID, as it can remove light from flat panels, making it impossible to hack with a picture on a screen.

iPhone X Plus screen images leaked

Photos of the iPhone X Plus screen have leaked, claiming to be from manufacturers in Vietnam. These photos don’t give us much information sadly, except that the screen is definitely bigger than the iPhone X and that the notch looks the same size, or possibly fractionally smaller.

We’ll have to wait until September to see for sure what Apple has planned, but it looks likely that they’ll be launching multiple phones with different sizes.


Qualcomm announces new 5G modules to help manufacturers build 5G phones

Qualcomm has revealed new hardware that could help manufacturers bring 5G to far more smartphones. The Snapdragon 5G Modules are designed to greatly simplify the hardware requirements that phones need to become 5G-ready.

The module includes over a thousand components, with baseband modems, as well as RF and power management circuits all shrunken into a single product.

High-end AI and camera functions could be coming to affordable smartphones

A new chipset by Qualcomm is designed to bring high-end smartphone features to more affordable smartphones. The Snapdragon 700 series slots in neatly between their flagship 800 chipsets and their mid-range 600 chips in terms of both performance and price.

While these chips won’t be in budget phones any time soon, it means that features, such as on-device AI and improvements to camera functions, device performance, and even power, could be more widely available. These were previously limited to only flagship smartphones, so seeing them hit the wider market is very exciting.

That’s everything for this week’s mobile news round-up. Come back next week for more updates and industry rumours at The Hub!

Mobile Phone News