Microsoft Office for Android

From writing a novel to compiling a spreadsheet database or making a presentation, Microsoft Office has cemented its place as one of the most useful and popular desktop tools of the modern age – and it’s now available on your Android smartphone too.

The holy trinity of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel can be downloaded for free through Google Play, although you’ll have to pay a subscription charge to access every available feature. If your Android device is a tablet with a screen above 10.1 inches in size, you’ll also need a subscription to use these apps, so be sure to take this into account before downloading!

Microsoft Word for Android

Microsoft Word is probably the definitive desktop program for creating text documents, and the Android app is no different. The free version offers all of the basic tools you’d expect, ranging from an accessible reading mode to a variety of formatting and editing options.

More advanced tools are available with a full subscription, including photo and chart editing and the ability to track changes.

Microsoft Excel for Android

Whether analysing information or building charts and spreadsheets, Excel has everything you’ll need to process and analyse a variety of data. Intuitive and easy to use, the Android app offers a variety of tools for editing and filtering your spreadsheets, although unfortunately many of the more advanced options are still only available on the desktop version.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Android

From the classroom to the boardroom, almost everybody will have had to use PowerPoint at some point in their education or career. The Android app contains all the tools you’ll need to create and edit your slideshow, and is probably the simplest and most accessible of the Microsoft Office apps.

You can even connect your phone or tablet to a screen, so you can present from your own device.

Is a subscription worth it?

If you’re likely to regularly use Office on your smartphone or tablet, it’s definitely worth considering shelling out for the full Office 365 subscription – which will allow access to a broader range of features and tools. It’s worth pointing out that these apps are highly limited in comparison with their desktop cousins, but as a functional way of editing your documents when you’re out and about, Office for Android really is hard to beat.