Look what’s cropped up! World’s largest emoji


The world’s largest emojis were spotted in the UK, in the form of a spectacular giant emoji crop circle and a 100-foot field painting.

A study launched of 2,000 Brits by Tesco Mobile found that a smile from a stranger and a stress-free commute is the perfect way to lift commuters’ spirits in the morning.

So, the mobile network set out to wake up the nation to better by surprising it with the world’s biggest, record-breaking emojis.

With 700 litres of paint, a 100-foot tape measure and twenty-five dedicated artists, the sleepy residents of Bathford near Bath have been greeted by a smile on the world’s largest emoji painted on to the hills near the town.

The stealth team of artists worked through the night so that morning commuters were able to get to work with a grin and high-fliers from Bristol Airport will be surprised with a sensational view of the emoji crop circle that lies in a field near Chippenham.