iPhone tips & tricks you never knew

iPhone tips and tricks

If you’ve got an iPhone, chances are you probably think you know it well. However, we’ve got a few sneaky tips and tricks up our sleeve that you may not know about, which will help you unleash the full power of your smartphone. From battery saving hacks to setting different vibrations for your contacts, we’re here to share our iPhone secrets.

Save battery by placing your phone face down

When you’re having a conversation, at work or simply concentrating on something else, do you ever put your phone face down on the table? Well, did you know that you’re saving your battery by doing so? With Facedown Detection, your iPhone will purposefully not show notifications and will keep your screen powered off. This nifty battery saver works if you’re on iOS 9 and above.

Get your beauty sleep with Bedtime

Continuing its health kick, Apple introduced Bedtime to its clock and alarm functions along with the iOS 10 update. This cute tool asks you a few questions then sets up a regular bedtime reminder and morning alarm designed to help you get your full quota of sleep every night.

Send a custom iMessage when you can’t take a call

There’s nothing worse than seeing an important call come in when you really don’t have time to take it. With this feature, you can save hurt feelings and make sure your lunch date knows you’re on your way with a few handy, pre-programmed messages. Look for the message icon above the slider when a call comes in, or if you’re on an older iOS, swipe up. You’ll see three messages to choose from and the option to customise – perfect if you tend to work late or take a lot of meetings.

iPhone in the dark

Activate Night Shift for chilled evening browsing

Make it easier to get a good night’s sleep by activating Night Shift, which was first introduced with iOS 9.3 and works for iPhone 5s, 6s and 7s. This handy tool changes your display colours after a certain time of night, taking out the blues that can keep you awake and creating a more bedtime-friendly hue. Just go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift to schedule a time and you’ll be good to go.

Set different vibrations for your contacts

Assigning a different ringtone to your favourite callers is great, but sometimes you need to have your phone on silent. Rather than having to pull your phone out of your pocket to see if someone important is calling, you can set an individualised vibration for your top contacts. Find your contact, select edit and adjust the vibration field. Available on iPhone 6 and up.

Check an old email when composing a new one

Think that the only email you can look at while composing a new message is the one you’re replying too? Think again. Simply swipe down on the title bar (your finger should be between Cancel and Send) and you’ll be able to see your inbox. Find the old messages you’re looking for then, once you’re done, tap the Write Message icon in the bottom right and the email you were working on will pop back up.

Switch on Accessibility before giving your phone to kids

We all know how much young kids love getting their hands on a shiny new iPhone – some of us may also know the perils of letting them! To avoid the unfortunate deleting of important information or apps, be sure to go to General > Accessibility > Guided Access to limit the amount of damage children will be able to do! Available on iOS 8 and above.