iOS 10 hidden features you need to know

iOS 10 hidden features

There’s more to iOS 10 than meets the eye. If you’ve got yourself a brand-new iPhone or have recently updated your trusty handset, we’ve pulled together the best iOS 10 hidden features to help you make the most of your Apple device.

Individual read receipts

Love them or hate them, you can now choose exactly who you want to send read receipts to. Simply tap the information icon within your iMessage chat and slide read receipts on or off. This will automatically update all the devices you use iMessage on, whether that be your Mac or iPad. Don’t worry, Apple will still use your default read receipts setting for your other conversations.

Built-in image search

If you’re a fan of GIFs, iMessage finally lets you search for images within the app. All you need to do is tap on the App Store icon within a conversation, swipe to the images page and search for what you’re after. It might be time to delete those GIF keyboards from your iPhone…

Send smaller photos

If you’re on a restricted data plan, you can now send smaller images to help you save precious data. Go into Settings > Messages and enable Low Quality Image Mode down at the bottom of the list.

Mail filters

You can now find emails much easier in the Mail app with quick filters. When viewing a mailbox, simply tap the filter icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen and change the filter to be applied. The default setting is set to show only unread messages, but now you can filter by a number of categories within the app.

Mail conversation threads

iOS 10 introduces a new look for conversation threads in the Mail app, as you no longer need to jump in and out of the thread to navigate to a different message within it. You can even customise the order in which messages are displayed by going to Settings > Mail > Threading. Remember, you can swipe left on a message to choose an action for it, e.g. reply, flag, etc.

3D Touch in Control Centre

Keen to get 3D Touch off the ground, Apple now allows you to use it in the Control Centre. All you have to do is tap the bottom row of icons to be presented with options for each. If you press the torch, for instance, you will be given three brightness options; if you press the camera, you will be given shooting options such as ‘take a selfie’, and so on.

Share notes

If you enjoy using the Notes app to jot down your thoughts, you can now share these with your contacts. When viewing a note, hit the new Share button at the top of the screen, select how you’d like to share your note and who you’d like to share it with. Once shared, anyone who has accepted the invite can edit the note.

Bedtime mode

Your iPhone can now help you get enough kip with the new ‘Bedtime’ mode. Go into the Clock app and type in how many hours of sleep you’d like each night, as well as what time you typically wake up in the morning. Your phone will then work out what time you should go to bed and automatically set an alarm to ensure you wake up at the correct time. What’s more, you can keep track of your sleep in the Health app.

Prioritise apps

There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for your apps to download, update or restore. With 3D Touch you can now press on the apps you wish to prioritise and select ‘Prioritise Download’, so you’ll have the apps you want first before you know it.

Parking pin

If you connect your iPhone to your car with Bluetooth or use CarPlay, your phone will now record exactly where you’ve parked. You’ll get a notification when you exit your vehicle with a pin in Apple Maps to show you where your car is. You can even add more details like the number of your parking lot, so you’ll never forget where you parked again.