How to organise Secret Santa with your phone

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With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to #MakeSomeoneSmile with Secret Santa! One of our favourite festive traditions, it’s all about spreading Christmas cheer and buying presents for those who wouldn’t normally be on your shopping list. Did you know technology can make organising Secret Santa a breeze? From drawing names to buying the perfect gift, here’s how your phone can help make your Secret Santa smile this year.

Drawing names

Elfster appIf you’ve organised a Secret Santa before, you’ll know the classic pen and paper method can prove to be tricky, with members of your group potentially living in different areas or forgetting whose name they drew in the first place!

Why not look into using an app to keep track this year? Elfster is a simple app that makes it as easy as possible to organise a Secret Santa exchange with friends, family or colleagues. All you have to do is submit the name and email address of everyone involved and the app will randomly assign one to another. Members can even submit their own wish list and send questions to their Secret Santa if they have any quick questions. Easy!

Download: Android, iOS

Setting the budget

Santa's BagBut, with so many presents to buy and expenses to keep track off, it can be easy to forget how much you could and should spend on a gift for your Secret Santa. To help, there are a few apps out there which can keep track of Christmas gift ideas and watch how much you’re spending on them as you buy them.

With Santa’s Bag, you can keep track of gift ideas, set a budget for each person – including your Secret Santa – and mark the gift as purchased as you do your shopping. If you’re one of those super organised types you can also mark them as wrapped as soon as you get around to wrapping them. Easy!

Download: iOS

Finding the present

Gift Processor

Finally, it’s the most important part of the process – it’s time to find your Secret Santa present!

If your Secret Santa is taking place in your office, you might not know your colleagues’ interests very well which can make it difficult to find the perfect gift. But fear not, because there are apps out there which can make Secret Santa gift giving a whole lot easier!

Check out Gift Professor, a handy Android app which can help you find the perfect gift in minutes! The app uses a ‘gift matching system’ where all you have to do is answer a few short questions and you can instantly find the perfect Secret Santa gift!

Download: Android

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