How to manage screen time for kids

With smartphones and tablets bringing screens into every room of the house, parents are keen to make sure that their kids don’t get addicted. To help, we’ve brought together all of the best ideas we could find to manage your child’s screen time.

1. Set a good example

Setting a good example is number one on our list for a reason. Kids often unconsciously copy the habits of their parents so you should try to make sure you cut down on your own screen time – around the children at least!

This can have unexpected benefits, as it can encourage you to spend more time having fun with your little ones instead of watching TV with them at the end of a long day.

2. Encourage other activities

Another fantastic way to get your kids engaged with the offline world is to encourage them to do other activities. Get them to sign up to clubs with their friends, or designate one night a week family fun night where you play board games together.

The more activities, the better – if they’re having fun, then they’re not going to miss their video games!

3. Use apps to limit phone use

Sometimes no amount of cajoling is enough to get them to put down their phones or tablets and the only thing left to do is create a hard limit. Luckily there are lots of apps available that can limit the amount of time per day they can use apps or access the internet.



Download: iOS, Android

OurPact allows you to set out times, such as bedtimes or meal times, when the app will block access to apps or the internet. It also allows you to stop internet and apps access at the touch of a button for when your kids are grounded. This is a great app for making sure that they aren’t using their phone or tablet late into the night.

DinnerTime Plus


Download: iOS, Android

DinnerTime Plus is another fantastic app that allows you to set scheduled times they can’t use the internet on their phone. It also gives you real-time monitoring usage and history and features a ‘Take a Break’ supervision mode.

Given that this app is free, it is a fantastic download for those who want to try out an internet limiting app. With time limits for apps as well as devices, it’s a comprehensive app that can help kids get off their phone and doing other things.

4. Set passwords and passcodes for other devices

If you share devices such as laptops or tablets with your kids then you should consider keeping your password to yourself so you can control when your kids use your devices. If they have to ask you to enter the password then they won’t be able to sneak onto it when they’re on a break from the internet.

We love technology at Tesco Mobile and want your kids to make the most of it, without missing out on growing up! Give these screen time tips a go and find the best method for you and your family.