How to make sure your phone never dies


In today’s modern age, our mobile phones have become such an important part of our daily lives that they are almost considered an extended limb. From waking us up in the morning to checking our work emails and watching adorable dog videos on our lunch break to pass the time, we use our mobile phones constantly throughout the day, which is why it can be extremely frustrating when the battery dies.

Luckily, we have compiled a list different ways to save the battery life of your mobile phone – so you’ll never be left to run around searching vainly for a place to charge your phone again.

Turn down the brightness on your phone

It may seem like an obvious tip, but turning down the brightness on your phone’s screen will help to save battery on your mobile phone. It’s the easiest way to prolong the battery on your phone and can easily be adjusted in the general settings of any smartphone. Also, it may also be worth turning on the ‘Auto-Brightness’ function, as it automatically adjusts the screen brightness to suit your setting – so if you’re in a dark setting your phone screen will dim.

Keep an eye on your Apps

Apps bring so much convenience and entertainment to our everyday lives, however, many popular Apps are notorious for draining our phone batteries – particularly Apps with large graphics and videos, such as Snapchat and Netflix. If wanting to spend your downtime playing Candy Crush on your phone, then you should probably try to remain close to a power outlet, as video games are the biggest drainers of phone batteries.

Not only this, but also closing your Apps after use, rather than just minimising them, will also save your phone battery. Failure to close your Apps means that they will run in the background and slowly drain your battery – so to prevent this happening, you can simply double tap the home button to check what Apps are running and close them accordingly.

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection

Unless you’re actively looking for Wi-Fi, you should switch off your Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise, you’ll be walking about with your mobile phone in your pocket, while your phone is hard at work searching for a hotspot. This will lead to the draining of your battery, so it’s advisable to turn off your Wi-Fi until you actually need it.

Download a battery saving App

So, you’ve stopped playing Angry Birds and watching YouTube on your lunch break, but your phone battery is still draining really fast. This could mean that there are other Apps draining your battery. In this case, try downloading a battery saving app, such as Coconut Battery or Battery Doctor. These Apps are designed to track your phone’s performance, so you can easily pinpoint the Apps that are consuming the most battery power.

Turn off push notifications

Everyone loves to receive a notification that someone ‘liked’ your photo on Instagram, or tagged you in a funny Meme on Facebook. However, these push notifications are sneakily draining your mobile phone battery. Turning off push notifications for Apps that receive lots of notifications throughout the day, or limiting them to Apps you deem less important, will help to increase the battery life.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning your phone to Airplane Mode is not only handy for when you’re jet-setting, but it can also be used to reduce your battery drainage. It does mean that you won’t be able to receive any text messages or calls, so it’s useful for times when you don’t require these functions – like, when you’re at work or in a meeting.

Switch off vibrations

Vibrations are a great way of notifying you about incoming calls or text messages when you’re in situations where you need your phone on silent, like at work or in the cinema. However, instances where you don’t require your phone on silent, it’s advised that you turn vibrate off. The reason for this is because vibrations actually consumer more power than ordinary ringtones, as the sounds produced by your ringtone only vibrate slightly compared to the shaking of the entire phone when it’s on vibrate. So, if you’re just at home or out and about and don’t need your phone on silent, then disabling this function in your sound settings will reduce your power usage.

We hope you found these simple ways to save your mobile phone battery helpful. Use these easy phone battery saving hacks in your everyday life and rest assured that you’ll never have to deal with a dead phone battery again.