How to block a number on your smartphone

Tesco Mobile is on-hand to show you how to block a number on iPhone and Android, as well as which call blocking app you can use to help screen the calls you don’t want, so you can start having more that you do.

How to block a number on iPhone

Since Apple released iOS 7, blocking a number on iPhone has never been easier.

If you want to block a number that’s called you recently (or one you’ve dialled out yourself), then:

Open the Phone app
Tap ‘Recents’
Hit the ( i ) button next to the number you want to block
Press ‘Block this Caller’, which should be right at the bottom.

If you’ve blocked a number by mistake then just repeat the steps outlined above, as the option to ‘Block this Caller’ will now be ‘Unblock this Caller.’

If you need to block (or unblock) a number that’s no longer in your ‘Recents’ tab, but still in your contacts, then:

Navigate to ‘Settings’
Tap ‘Phone’
Select ‘Call Blocking & Identification’
Press ‘Block Contact’

If you need to unblock a number on iPhone then just head into your settings, press ‘Phone’, followed by ‘Call Blocking & Identification’, and then hit edit. Tap the red button alongside the number you want to unblock, and then hit the big red button named ‘Unblock.’

Blocking spam iMessages on iPhone

You can also filter iMessages from unknown senders within iOS.

To start filtering your iMessages:

Go to ‘Settings’
Tap ‘Messages’
Turn on ‘Filter Unknown Senders’

Now, within the ‘Messages’ app you’ll get a new tab for ‘Unknown Senders’, and you will no longer get notifications for these iMessages.

Blocking a number on an iPhone running iOS 6 or older

If your iPhone is running an operating system older than iOS 7, then we’d suggest updating your phone to the latest version of iOS. If you have an iPhone 5 or older then you won’t be able to update to iOS 7.

If you cannot (or don’t want) to update your operating system, then we’d recommend using a third-party app to manage unwanted callers.


How to block a number on Android

Since there are a number of different devices capable of running Android operating systems, each with their own subtle differences to design and functionality, there is no single method of blocking a number on Android.

To block calls on Android using the generic ‘Google Phone’ app:

Open the ‘Phone’ app
Press the three dots near the top to open a drop-down menu
Hit ‘Settings’
Navigate to ‘Blocked Numbers’
Tap ‘Add a Number
Add the phone number in you’d like blocked, and hit ‘Block’

Google Phone also comes with a spam filter built in. To turn it on:

Open the ‘Phone’ app
Press the three dots near the top to open a drop-down menu
Hit ‘Settings’
Navigate to ‘Caller ID & Spam’
Flick the ‘Filter spam calls’ switch

If you are unable to follow these instructions on your Android smartphone, you can still block callers directly from the ‘Call Log’. To block a recent caller:

Open your ‘Phone’ app
Long-press the number you want to block
Tap the ‘Block/report spam’ button
To confirm you want to block the number, hit ‘Block’

How to block a number on Samsung phones

Samsung makes it simple for you to block unwanted callers. To start blocking numbers:

Open your ‘Phone’ app
Tap the three dots at the top
Hit ‘Settings’
Press ‘Block numbers’

From within this menu, you can add and remove numbers you’ve added to your block list, as well as opt to block unknown callers by toggling the ‘Block anonymous callers’ option to on.

How to use a call blocking app

Blocking individual numbers as and when they call you will work just fine, but if you’d rather set up an app to specifically catch spam callers, then a call blocking app may be the best solution for you.


true caller

Truecaller can identify spam callers, but you will still have to block them individually. If Truecaller has suspected a spam call, it will cause the screen to flash red whilst the phone rings so you can’t miss it.

Should I Answer?

should I answer

Should I Answer? blocks all calls from known spam or cold callers. The app has an option to block all calls with a ‘negative community rating’, meaning other users who’ve received nuisance calls can give that data to SIA? and make the app even more effective at screening spam. You can even review the blocked numbers in your call log should you want to see who has been spamming you.

Like all apps downloaded from the Play Store or App Store, ensure you understand their privacy policies and that you’re comfortable with the data you are handing over.