Get fit with your smartphone

Do you want to lose weight and make healthier food choices? There’s an app for that. Whether you’d like to trim down, tone up, or eat more veggies, we’ve rounded up some of the best health and fitness apps to help you achieve any goal.


Download: Android, iOS

Can’t afford a personal trainer or pricey fitness classes at the gym? Try Aaptiv, an on-demand audio fitness app that brings the instructor to you. Their ‘classes’ combine the voice of a motivational trainer with a personalised playlist synchronised to a range of exercises – from marathon and treadmill training to elliptical workouts, cycling, and much more. Simply pop your headphones in, choose your workout, and listen as the trainer tells you when to increase resistance, sprint, or speed up.


Download: Android, iOS

If you’re finding it difficult to stick to your fitness resolutions, give Pact a try. The premise of the app is simple but effective: if you reach your goal, you’ll earn money for each day committed and completed – paid by other users who fail to honour their pact. But if you miss a day, you’ll be charged a fee. You can choose the amount that will be deducted from your credit card, and GPS and photos are used to verify your activities.

Lose ItLose It!

Download: Android, iOS

Counting calories is easy with Lose It: the app tells you how many calories you can consume per day, based on your current situation and goal. You can use it to track your activity levels and food consumption, and Lose It provides a personalised weight loss plan with a projected timescale to reach your goal. If you’re worried you’ll forget to track your meals, use the motivators module, which sends a text message reminder.

Forks over knivesForks Over Knives

Download: Android, iOS

Created by the makers of the influential film Forks Over Knives, this app can help you incorporate more vegetables into your diet. It features over 300 plant-based, whole food recipes, paired with beautiful imagery and simple step-by-step cooking instructions. The built-in shopping list allows you to save recipes and ingredients, and new recipes are added every week.


Download: Android, iOS

Nutrino is the equivalent of having your own personal dietician. The app suggests unique meal plans and recipes based on your medical profile, fitness goals, and dietary preferences. It connects to other apps and devices (such as Fitbit and Apple health) to track your activity levels, and allows you to log your food intake, sleep, and stress levels. It then uses this information to scientifically determine the best foods to suit your individual needs.

foodswitchFoodSwitch UK

Download: Android, iOS

Do you find yourself confused when it comes to food labels? Download FoodSwtich UK – an app that provides simplified nutritional information for over 80,000 items. Simply scan the barcode of a product to see if it’s too high in fat, sugar, salt, or calories, and easily discover healthier alternatives. The app rates each product on a ‘traffic light’ colour-coded scale, allowing you to instantly make smarter choices at the supermarket.