Disney road trip games to keep boredom at bay

Keeping the kids entertained on a long road trip can be more exhausting than the drive itself! To celebrate the launch of Disney∙Pixar Cars 3, we’ve teamed up with Disney to bring you the best Disney-inspired road trip games to keep your little ones busy.

While you’re on your road trip, be sure to take a well-earned break from driving and see Disney∙Pixar Cars 3. The movie of the summer hits cinemas nationwide on July 14 and is guaranteed to get the kids excited to hit the road again!

Disney sing-along

Who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke in the car? Simply put your favourite Disney soundtrack on and sing your heart out. Whether you’re a fan of Frozen or love The Lion King, there are so many songs for the whole family to enjoy. If you don’t know the words, make them up! Why not take turns to sing different verses and all join in for the chorus? Best of all, you can sneak some of your favourite Disney songs in there, too.

Disney Guess Who?

Put your Disney knowledge to the test with a classic game of Guess Who? Jot down the names of some Disney characters on bits of paper (or print off pictures instead) before you hit the road and let everyone pick one at random. Then, decide on a set number of questions each person can ask to guess who you are and get started! You could even award a prize to the person who gets the most correct.

Disney bingo

A fun activity for bigger families, Disney bingo is a great way to pass the time on long road trips. Print off this Disney∙Pixar Cars bingo sheet or if you have time get the kids involved in making their own. Nominate a bingo caller in the car (they can still play, too) and pick out characters at random from a bag to shout out. The first person to complete a full row, wins!

Disney trivia

Test your little ones’ Disney knowledge with some quizzes in the car. Look up a whole host of Disney curated quizzes on your phone during the journey and see who knows the most. Why not make up your own questions before you leave or make them up as you go along? Pack some goodies for prizes and whittle away the hours.

Disney story time

A fun game that requires nothing but your imagination! Pick someone to go first and say a word, then go around the car adding another word to the story each time – make sure it’s Disney-themed, of course. Use the scenery you pass on your journey for inspiration and see where the story takes you!

From sing-alongs to bingo, there’s plenty of Disney fun to be had to keep the kids entertained.