Discover our top summer party planning apps & party game apps

With the hot weather expected to continue into August, it’s time to start planning your summer party, or BBQ, and we’ve compiled our top picks for party planning apps and party game apps to help you make it a success.



Download: iOS, Android

The most important part of any party is the guests, and while we’re still in favour of using Facebook events as your go-to invite, Evite is the perfect back-up tool for those people that are taking a break from social media.

The app lets you quickly customise invite templates and personalise them with your own photos and then send these invites by email to your guests. With a fantastic RSVP function, this is a great choice to get numbers pinned down.

Pro Party Planner

pro party

Download: iOS

Once you’ve sent the invites you need to make sure you actually have a party for them to enjoy! This party planning app is designed for professionals and is incredibly comprehensive. While it’s probably not necessary for a casual get together, if you’re planning a big birthday bash it could be indispensable for tracking budgets, logistics and more.


pepper plate

Download: iOS, Android

If you’re serving food at your party, then Pepperplate is the app for you. Able to manage your recipes, menus, and shopping list – it is incredibly handy for when you are cooking large amounts.

The app even allows you to scale your recipes for the number of people you are cooking for, so you can be sure you are making enough.


Download: iOS

This app is a fantastic choice for your BBQ to make sure you are cooking your food to perfection every time. With a simple interface that lets you choose what meat you are cooking as well as it’s thickness and whether you want it rare or well-done, this app takes the guesswork out of your grilling.

With multiple timers, you can manage a large amount of food on the grill at once and ensure you never overcook your and you’re not serving undercooked chicken. And best of all, you don’t need to keep a constant eye on the grill, as it will give you reminders when it is time to flip and when to serve.

Jackbox Party Pack


Download: iOS, Android

If the weather turns on you and you need to head indoors, then this app is a perfect way to keep everyone entertained. It includes a wide variety of games designed for both kids and adults – with options for a large number of player. It includes a trivia game called YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, a drawing game called Drawful, a bluffing game called Fibbage, a fill in the blank game titled Word Spud, and a fact game called Lie Swatter.

This is perfect for an easy party game, as each player just needs to go to the web address on their phone and enter the code and they are joined with the other players automatically. This is a fantastic party game app that can provide hours of enjoyment.