Discover our Capped contracts


Our capped phone contracts at Tesco Mobile are designed to help you take control of your monthly bill, so you will never be faced with an unexpected bill. Use our capped mobile phone contracts to set up your safety buffer quickly and easily.

What is a contract safety buffer?

A safety buffer for our capped mobile contracts is simply the pre-arranged maximum that you can be charged for extras such as premium numbers, calling abroad, or going over your data limit.

Sometimes it’s necessary to spend on these extras but by setting a safety buffer you can easily set a limit on what you spend to make absolutely certain  they don’t add up to a nasty surprise on your bill! The maximum you can be charged is your tariff + your safety buffer, but you’ll only be charged your regular tariff if you don’t use any extras.

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Can I cap any contract?

You can cap your bill on any of our pay monthly contracts, including SIM only. This works the exact same way, no matter what tariff or type of contract you have, so you can set up a SIM only capped contract just as easily as you would for a standard contract.

When you sign up to our capped SIM only deals or standard capped mobile contracts you’ll have peace of mind on your bill.

How do I get a capped mobile contract?

It’s incredibly easy to get a capped phone contract – whether you’re a new customer or simply wanting to add a cap to your existing contract.

If you’re setting up a new capped mobile phone contract, then all you need to do is pick out your safety buffer when you are choosing your tariff.

If you want to add a cap to your existing contract, then call 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone and talk to one of our advisors who will be happy to help you cap your contract. Or change your safety buffer in the App, by logging into your online account, or by calling 4488.

Check out our capped contract FAQs for more info!