Tips to create and manage your passwords

Passwords keep your every day accounts and personal information – everything from financial records to professional documents – safe and secure. They’re often the first line of defense, so it’s imperative to create complex passwords and manage them accordingly. If you want to ensure maximum security for your sensitive accounts, read on for password creation

5 fantastic free Android and iPhone games

Looking for a new game to challenge your mind or simply pass the time? From racing luxury cars to retro-style arcade games, we’ve rounded up 5 free Android and iPhone games that you can download and get stuck into immediately. Dots Download: Android, iOS Simple and addictive, the goal of this game is to connect

Tech in check round up

Now that our Tech in Check month is drawing to an end, we’ve compiled an index of all the handy resources contained within our blog posts that can now act as a go-to guide for you to keep your Tech in Check! Resources to help you choose a mobile phone and the best tariff for

Tech in check: internet safety for kids

Internet Safety For Kids So we have dealt with what apps are out there, how they function and what you can do to help your child navigate the world of social media. This blog post takes the discussion a step further and focuses on one key issue that is becoming more and more common in

Tech in check: technology and families

Talking to your Family About Technology The excitement of getting a new piece of technology is something that we can all relate to. Shiny new devices can herald a whole new way of interacting for you and your family and present a world of opportunities that you may never have had access to before. Kids

Tech in check: app parental controls

App Parental Controls Once you have picked devices that suit you and your family’s needs, it’s time to decide whether it’s a good idea to manage your kids’ time online. All kids are different, so deciding what is appropriate for your children will differ from family to family, and child to child. If you do

Tech in check: PCs, laptops or tablets?

Choosing the right techology for your family The world of technology is constantly changing and sometimes it can feel hard to keep up with the latest innovations. We previously had a look at what to consider when choosing a mobile phone and this post looks at what to think about when you are buying a

Tech in check: how to choose which phone to buy

How To Choose Which Phone To Buy Mobile Phones The mobile phone market is ever-changing with new deals, options and payment plans emerging all the time. It can be difficult to choose which phone to buy and finding a suitable tariff can be challenging, which may lead to you opting for a contract that’s not

Tech in Check: Advice from Dr Sue Black

Photo of Dr Sue Black

Walk into any classroom, step into any playground and enter any teenager’s bedroom (after knocking of course!) and you are bound to find some sort of technology – whether that’s a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. In our digital age, engagement with mobile and electronic devices on a daily basis is simply unavoidable. But what