Best Windows phone apps : our top 5

Windows Phone Apps

At Tesco Mobile, we’ve been impressed with the speed with which the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is catching up with its rivals at Apple and Google, fast becoming the third way when it comes to choosing an OS. Admittedly, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android do continue to dominate the majority of the market, but Microsoft has been working hard in its attempts to improve software and to bridge this gap.

An area in which we’ve seen a great deal of improvement is in the range and quality of Windows phone apps available, and great strides have certainly been taken since the early – and uninspiring – days of Microsoft’s phone OS. With this in mind, and after great debate, we’ve compiled a short list of some of Tesco Mobile’s favourite Windows apps – all available to download for free.


Wordament is a ludicrously addictive word game that’s taking over the world. Rather than competing against a computer or a single friend, when playng Wordament you compete against literally thousands of other players – trying to decipher words from a multitude of jumbled up letters. With a variety of challenges available, you can wile away the hours trying to set new high scores and beat your previous best.


Flipboard is one of the best Windows apps available, providing users with their very own magazine. Enter your interests to receive news stories and fascinating feature articles from around the world, from great sources like the New York Times. App users can easily save their favourite articles to create their own personalised magazine, and can share articles with friends and family through Flipboard’s social media features.


Wunderlist is a ‘to-do’ list with a difference. Visually perfect and easy to use, Windows phone owners can create anything from a grocery list to must-see movies or places to visit while on vacation. What’s more, the app allows you to share lists with contacts and can automatically sync with other devices, keeping you organised wherever you go. The Live Tile feature also lets you pin your lists to your Start screen, so you’ll always be on top of your daily tasks.


Fhotoroom is one of our favourite photo editing apps on any operating system. As well as helping capture and edit high-quality images, the app lets you share your photographs with a great community of online photography lovers – as well as seeing other users’ great images. With a good range of filters available and a variety of editing options, Fhotoroom is definitely one of the most comprehensive imaging apps on the market.


Whether you have a burning passion for gourmet cooking or a burning aroma coming from the kitchen, Allrecipes has some great food ideas for you. This app provides instant access to a superb collection of recipes – provided, used and reviewed by fellow app owners. Allrecipes lets you search for particular ingredients or dish types in over 50,000 recipes, and works in tandem with Cortana, so you can say farewell to stressful dinners.