Best photo editing apps for your smartphone

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From holiday snaps to hipster selfies, the rise of the smartphone has revolutionised the way we take, store, and share our photographs.

Thanks to huge improvements to the internal memory of our phones, the accessibility of social media, and the creation of online storage hubs like iCloud and Google Drive, we’re snapping away like never before. This has inevitably led to the release of a diverse range of photography apps, which are allowing us not only to edit our existing shots, but also to take advantage of a variety of unique features.

But what are the best photo editing apps?


Price: Approx. £2.00 – £3.00; Variable depending on OS

Download: iOS | Android | Windows

Facetune is a powerful app that provides you with a comprehensive range of options for editing and touching up your photographs and selfies. While comparisons with Photoshop may be a little exaggerated, Facetune provides users with fantastic variety bundled into a highly intuitive and user-friendly app. The price will vary depending on which operating system (iOS, Android, Windows) you’re running, but remains affordable across all of these platforms.


Price: FREE

Download: iOS | Android

Recommending Instagram to most smartphone users feels a bit like preaching to the choir. With over 400 million users worldwide, this app has been one of the major success stories of recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Combining a variety of handy filters and editing options with a fantastic social media platform, Instagram has created a high-quality service that’s loved worldwide. The addition of ads is a somewhat infuriating development but, given that Instagram is a free service, not entirely unexpected.


Price: FREE

Download: iOS | Android

If you loathe to fork out for a paid app, EyeEm might just be the free alternative you’ve been looking for. Equipped with a range of tools that help it stand up to more expensive rivals, this app has been a favourite of serious smartphone photographers from the outset. Similarly to Instagram, there’s also a buzzing social community within the app, and with the fantastic EyeEm Market feature it’s even possible to get paid for your photographs! Available across iOS, Android, and Windows, this really is one of the best free photo editing apps.


Price: FREE

Download: iOS | Android

Available for free on Android and iOS, Snapseed is one of the most unique, powerful, and frankly best photography apps currently out there. Despite a number of bugs and issues following Google’s takeover (we’re pleased to report that these now seem to have been resolved), Snapseed’s excellent quality interface and efficient processing speeds have made it a firm favourite amongst smartphone photo editors.

If we’re being hyper-critical, it’s worth pointing out that this app lacks some of the user-friendly qualities of its more simplistic rivals, but – once mastered – Snapseed is certainly one of the most rewarding editing apps on the market.


Price: FREE

Download: iOS | Android

We thought long and hard before including Camera51 here, mainly because it could be argued whether it’s a photo editing app at all! Where most photography apps focus on image correction, Camera51 chooses instead to help you get the right shot before you hit the button to take your photo.

Using a range of framing software, this app helps you perfectly frame your subject matter. What’s more, Camera51 will also alert you to objects in your shot that may interfere with the quality of your photo – so you can take the perfect shot as often as possible.