Best phone accessories for Christmas presents

Giving Gifts

With a whole range of prices, styles and functions to choose from, phone accessories make great Christmas presents – especially if you know someone is getting a brand new smartphone over the holidays! Check out some of the best phone accessories available to buy right now and score a few names off your Christmas shopping list.

Philips Noise Cancelling Headphones

These noise cancelling, wireless Bluetooth headphones offer the ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of the festive season. They’re compatible with pretty much every smartphone that has Bluetooth capabilities and they offer great sound quality and up to 99% noise cancellation.

Whether they’ll be bopping to Christmas tunes or something entirely different, these wireless headphones make a perfect gift.

Selfie Flash Light

If you have a selfie-obsessed friend, then you might just make their day with a Selfie Flash Light. This handy little device plugs into the headphone jack of most iPads, iPhones and Android devices and boasts 16 LED lights, perfect for providing an all-important burst of light while posing for the perfect selfie.

At the lower end of the price scale, a Selfie Flash Light is cute little add-on, ideal as a stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.

Trendz Touch Screen Gloves

No one wants to stop using their smartphone just because the weather has turned bad and with the help of Trendz Touch Screen Gloves, it’s easy to carry on tapping without freezing fingertips. These cute, cable knit gloves boast built-in intelligent touch technology to ensure touchscreens are no problem this winter.

Trendz Touch Screen Gloves are a stylish, budget option ideal when you’re looking for the kind of mobile phone accessory everyone will love.

Christmas Presents

Anker PowerCore+

Heavy phone users will love finding an Anker PowerCore+ under their Christmas tree. These small and highly portable external phone chargers are ideal for giving mobile phones a juice-boost on the move. Even better, Anker chargers are smart enough to be able to detect the kind of the device they’re plugged into and to provide the fastest and most appropriate charge to suit them.

Make sure your favourite phone owner never runs out of charge with an Anker PowerCore+.

Samsung Gear VR

If you’re looking for a larger gift for someone into gaming, then the Samsung Gear VR is sure to put a smile on their face. This virtual reality headset plugs into Galaxy smartphones via a Micro USB and allows a totally stunning visual experience perfect for compatible games and movies. Users can choose from a great range of content on the Oculus store and enjoy the future of gaming right now.

The Gear VR isn’t suitable for all Samsung devices, so be sure to sneak a peek at the model your intended recipient is rocking before buying.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard offers an alternative – and much more lo-fi – way to give someone the gift of virtual reality for their mobile phone this Christmas. Transform any smartphone with this handy little viewer and the software ecosystem needed to support it. All you need to do is slot a phone into the cardboard construction and download the accompanying software and the VR headset is good to go.

An excellent smaller gift for someone who likes to experiment with their smartphone, Google Cardboard helps anyone get started in VR.

Insta360 Nano

For those who want to take their VR experience even further, then the Insta60 Nano is the natural choice. This amazing little camera clips onto iPhones to allow users to take 360-degree videos that will translate brilliantly into VR experiences.

Social media partnerships mean the videos are instantly shareable and the Insta360 Nano’s features a nifty design that transforms your iPhone in a matter of seconds.

Christmas Stockings

RAM Mount X-Grip

No one wants their phone stuffed in a back pocket or rattling around on the seat during long car journeys and with the RAM Mount X-Grip, noone will have to. This highly adjustable mount is suitable for a wide range of smartphones, including the iPhone 6 Plus, and holds handsets firmly and securely without interfering with their protective cases.

The other great thing about the RAM Mount X-Grip is the fact it comes with both suction cups and clamps, meaning it’s easy to attach it to cars, bikes and motorcycles.

Razer Leviathan Mini

When the weather outside is frightful but you know your music loving friends will want to party on down anyway, the Razer Leviathan Mini will suit them perfectly. This rugged little speaker offers some serious sound and is perfect for blasting a few Christmas tunes. With a range of up to 30 feet, there’ll be no need to worry about tripping over wires during a festive dance-off.

For other highly-portable suggestions, check out our guide to the best Bluetooth speakers for smartphones.


Give your favourite smartphone user the gift of always being able to find what they’re looking for this year, with the help of a few Tiles. A Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker than can be attached to a variety of commonly misplaced things – like keys, wallets, diaries and so on. Users can then instantly locate their missing Tiles using a map on their smartphone.

By pressing a button on a Tile, users can also make their smartphone ring – perfect when it’s the phone that’s been misplaced!