Best looking smartphones in the world

Best Looking Smartphones

There’s a lot to think about when buying a new smartphone, from specs and features to arguably the most important thing of all, price. However, design should never be overlooked. To help make the decision easier, we’ve pulled together the best looking smartphones available at Tesco Mobile that are sure to turn heads.

Apple iPhone 6

Bigger than iPhone’s previous iterations, the Apple iPhone 6 has an aesthetic that’s more similar to an iPad than previous phones. The result is an ultra-thin design that fits with the growing demand from a smartphone market looking for larger, more stylish phones. Its sleek handset feels a lot more natural, with rounded edges off-setting Apple’s previous penchant for a sharper, more industrial design. The camera is improved, 8 megapixels with Focus Pixels and True Tone flash, and while this almost compromises the polished design, it’s worth it for the benefits a good camera brings. Some buttons have been repositioned to make for more a more natural phone navigation and the Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor is as cool as it’s always been. The iPhone 6 is one of the lightest phones out there and up there with the best looking smartphones on the market today.

LG Nexus 5x

One of the first Google phones to run Android Marshmallow, the 6th major version of the Android operating system, the LG Nexus 5x is notable in its 5.2 inch display, making it markedly one-hand friendly. Despite its below-average size, the specs and features are up there with larger phones: its 12.3 megapixels camera is the best from a Nexus yet, while the fingerprint sensor makes unlocking smooth and the new USB Type-C port makes for quicker charging. Nexus have improved upon a previously dull screen quality, with a sharp distinction between background and icons. A softer touch all-round means this is a phone to be reckoned with.

Motorola Moto G4

The Moto G4 is up there with any smartphone for those on a budget. Its streamlined design is definitely thinner than Motorola phones that came before it, but it’s not delicate and the stripped-back look smooths out previous design flaws. Focused on functionality, the front is clean and simple, while the back is no longer rubbery and the softer touch makes for easier removal, plus its water-repellent design should keep it safe if you’re caught in a shower. The LCD panel is bright – perfect for videos and gaming – and the camera is a solid 13 megapixels. Budget-wise, the Moto G4 is a winner and one of the best looking smartphones around today.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Its predecessor, the S6 was a win in every way, so Samsung had a job on their hands with this one. What’s come from their new addition to the family is a phone that’s developed this success without changing things up too much. Not too big, not too small, the phone is pocket-friendly and the micro-SD slot is back, tucked away at the top edge so as not to disrupt the clean design. The screen is sharper and brighter with razor-sharp colour and contrast and the 12 megapixel camera is glorious, even in dim light. General consensus is that it’s the best looking smartphone out there, and it’s hard to disagree.

HTC 10

HTC’s iconic design is represented once again on the HTC 10 – a bold and beautiful smartphone for the ages. It looks familiar, but stylish with it, all smooth metal and good-looking curves. The screen size is larger, with Quad HD and Super LCD 5 with curved-edge Gorilla Glass, allowing for a significantly sharper experience, plus there’s faster charging with the increasingly-popular USB Type-C port. The camera is a respectable 12 MP with a 4:3 resolution and an improved speaker quality. The HTC 10 comes in black, silver and gold, and with a high-scoring name like that, it reflects its design perfectly.