Best iPhone games for kids this summer

Kid holding parent's hand

School is almost finished for summer and it’s time for kids to enjoy the holidays. Taking the chance to voyage on trips and vacations is always fun but sometimes keeping younger travellers occupied can be a challenge.

With that in mind, let’s avoid boredom and keep them happy in summer 2016 as they swipe and tap through our five best iPhone games for kids. From gorgeous puzzle games to creative music apps, kids will love the selection on offer.

Monster Mingle

Price: £2.99
Designed for ages 5 and under, Monster Mingle is a fun sandbox game with plenty of opportunities for creativity. Your young ones can create their very own adorable monster in this iPhone game and set off on a little adventure in a world of different terrains. They can adapt the monster’s features too, whether it’s wings for flying or legs to swim through water, and interact with the creatures that they meet along the way. As a kid’s game app, Monster Mingle has no adverts or in-app purchases and is designed perfectly for younger users.

Trivia Crack

Price: Free
Trivia Crack is a game for the whole family to enjoy and the perfect accessory for a fun group tournament. Players can spin a wheel and choose a question from six different categories, with the option to play other users on their own phones. There’s also a chat option, fun twists and collectables to make every game unique, as well as a special ‘Factory’ feature where players can create customised questions for even more fun. It’s the ideal way to play and learn together when school’s out, although as the only game in our list with in-app purchase options and some tricky questions, it’s best suited to older kids.

Monument Valley

Price: £2.99
When Monument Valley first came out in 2014, it was marked out as one of the best iPhone games so far and two years later, its popularity remains unchanged. It’s not hard to see why- built for ages 4 and above, it’s enjoyable enough for older and younger kids. What sets it apart is the completely unique visuals that both drive the game and create a stunning user experience. Each level is a twisted, isometric building in the style of a painting that users have to shift and change to clear the way for a princess named Ida. As an added bonus, the puzzle is accompanied by gentle, immersive music best heard through headphones. If you want to see what a truly special iPhone app looks like, treat the kids to this one and sneak a turn for yourself too.


Price: £2.49
Loopimal is possibly the cutest iPhone app out there. Kids can choose between soft, hand drawn animals, from an adorable sloth to a cuddly bear, and drag different icons to a music bar at the bottom of the screen. As the timer moves along the screen, the animal will make different noises and dance around according to the chosen pattern. For those users feeling a little more adventurous, up to four animals can be combined to create a little rhythmic song and all music is in C-Major key so that kids can play alongside the game with real musical instruments. It’s an iPhone app that is designed for ages 6-8 and it offers many hours of entertainment for the musically-minded, although it should be noted that headphones are recommended for parental sanity during car journeys!

Moonbeeps: Fireflies

Price: £2.29
For a calming atmosphere on a quiet evening, Moonbeeps: Fireflies is a simple iPhone game for ages 5 and under. Little ones can explore a beautiful forest at night whilst they search and collect fireflies in a clear jar. Those who search hard enough might even find the rare Luna Moth on their travels! With its night time setting, soothing colours and soundtrack by The Polyphonic Spree, it’s a perfect app for an evening wind-down. Not only that, but the app developers have even created a night light option where the jar of collected fireflies can gently light a dark room for peaceful dreaming.