Best apps for students this term

Students have a lot on their plate trying to balance their studies, social life and work, especially if it’s their first time living on their own. We’ve compiled our list of the best apps to help students stay on top of everything and help with their studies.


wunderlistDownload: iOS, Android

Automatically syncing between your computer and phone, Wunderlist is one of the best to-do list apps available. You can set it to remind you when your classes are as well as see your full schedule, a to-do-list, and even a shopping list all in one place.

As it lets you set recurring reminders as well as due dates this makes it a very effective organiser, but what makes it shine is the ability to easily save web pages and articles to read later, and make quick notes. Most of the core features are free.


edxDownload: iOS, Android

Get a broader picture than just what is in lectures with free online courses from some of the world’s best universities such as Harvard and MIT. With courses available covering computer science, history, psychology, statistics, and hundreds more, you can supplement your learning with some of the best teaching that exists.

This app is perfect to increase your understanding of your subject and allows you to get taught in different ways to your usual lectures.

Flashcards Deluxe

flashcardsDownload: iOS, Android

Creating flashcards is one of the most powerful ways to learn quickly so being able to easily create your own that include sounds and images is a fantastic way to learn. This app has two smart study modes which allow you to easily focus on cards that you miss by automatically turning off cards that you have gotten right a number and percentage of times.

It also features three response levels: I don’t know, I kind of know, and I know really well, which allows you to prioritise your study in the most efficient way. This app is a fantastic choice for anyone trying to learn something new.


easybibDownload: iOS, Android

Creating perfect citations for your essay can be a huge pain, but luckily there is an easy workaround with EasyBib! This app is a great time saver as you can instantly generate the correct citation simply by scanning the book’s barcode with your phone. This allows you to create the perfect bibliography every time.

This app is fantastic as it can generate citations in Harvard, Chicago, MLA, and over 7000 other citation styles for the citation style that you need. It can then send this directly to your inbox so you can easily add them to your essay.


goodbudgetDownload: iOS, Android

Every student needs to learn how to manage their money, and this app is a fantastic way to help keep track of what you’re spending and allows you to separate out your budgets so you can easily keep track of how much you are spending and on what.

This app has actually been recommended by the New York Times and Forbes and has been downloaded over three million times by users – this one is not just for students but can serve you well into the world of work.


mathwayDownload: iOS, Android

Mathway is possibly the world’s best maths problem solver. Able to solve problems from basic algebra to complex calculus this app can help you get through even the toughest maths coursework. As it can take you through the problem step by step this app is great for helping you get to grips with complicated problems.

Simply take a picture of the equation you are solving and Mathway will do the rest, even able to create graphs to help you visualise the answer. Whatever your grasp on maths, this app is a great way to help you deal with difficult problems and learn how you can solve them on your own.