Bedtime apps for your kids

No matter if they’re 15 weeks, or 15 years old, children can have trouble going to sleep for a huge variety of reasons and that can leave parents feeling powerless. We’ve gathered together some of the best apps that can help your children fall asleep naturally and healthily – so that you can too.



Download: iOS, Android

Pzizz claims to deliver sleep at the push of a button and we’re sure that there is something to their claims. Pzizz is based on the science of psychoacoustics and works by playing ambient sounds that lull the listener into an effective sleep.

If your child is struggling to get to sleep at night or claims to not feel tired, this app can be a great option to help them fall naturally asleep. With high profile celebs like J. K. Rowling tweeting about how effective it is, we definitely recommend giving it a try.

Baby Shusher

Baby shusher

Download: iOS, Android

This app is fantastic for soothing a baby if you can’t get them to settle. It plays rhythmic shushing that is designed to remind the baby of the womb so that they can relax and fall easily asleep.

With options from 15 minutes to a full 8 hours of constant shushing noises, and a function that increases the volume of the shushes if the baby starts to cry, this app can be a lifesaver. You can simply set it up on a table beside their crib and let the app work its magic.

Nighty Night

nighty night

Download: Android

Nighty Night is a fantastic bedtime story app that is designed to easily set the mood for sleep so your little ones can drop off easily. The app is interactive which can really engage younger children and the story features all of the animals going to sleep, so you can end the story with your little animal going to sleep as well.

Relax and sleep well

sleep well

Download: iOS, Android

If your kids are older and need help relaxing into sleep at the end of the day, this app could really help. With a full 29-minute hypnotherapy session designed to help them relax and alleviate stress and anxiety as part of the free app, there is no reason not to give it a chance.

The app has over 70 hypnosis and meditation tracks available as in-app purchases that cover a wide range of topics and could help get your child back to healthy sleep habits.

Sleep Cycle

sleep cycle

Download: iOS, Android

Sleep Cycle is an app that is designed to help people wake up easily in the morning. This is an essential part of good sleep practice as if they consistently sleep-in, then they’ll want to go to bed later and later – which can easily translate to sleep deprivation.

The app works by tracking sleep cycles and playing a wake-up alarm when it is most optimal. It does this as the phone is placed on the bed and works out sleep cycles and sleep depth by how much movement it senses.



Download: Android

It’s well known that staring at screens before bed is a good way to prevent you from being able to fall asleep. The Twilight app gets around that by filtering out the blue light which causes this effect when the sun starts to go down.

This app can stop your child been kept awake by looking at their phone before bed, and as it doesn’t actually stop the phone from working, they’ll be no complaints when you ask them to download it. A similar function is available on iPhone with its in-built Night Shift mode.