Apps to help you keep organised over Christmas

Christmas can be a very stressful time, no matter how organised and prepared you are. You have to make sure you’ve bought everyone a gift, sent out your Christmas cards, prepped for Christmas dinner, figured out who’s making the mulled wine, keep track of who’s coming over, and around a hundred other jobs.

To help you out this year, we’ve pulled together our top apps that can help you make sure you keep on top of all your preparations, so you’ll be totally ready when the big day arrives!

Christmas Gift List

Christmas Gift List

Download: Android

This app is a fantastic one for budgeting. It allows you to set an amount of money against each person you add to your gift list so you can see how much you are planning on spending and then track how much of that you actually spend. Forces you to keep track of where you’ve gone over budget so you know exactly how to get back on target.

Another great feature of this app is that it archives the presents you selected after Christmas so if you keep the app then next year you can look up what you previously bought to avoid repeat gifts.

Christmas Planner

christmas planner

Download: Android

The Christmas Planner app lets you easily create to-do lists and organisation lists so you can easily keep on top of all your Christmas prep. Each of the sections gets automatically colour coded: green for finished, yellow for begun, and red for not started, as well as a handy percentage so you can see how far through the tasks you are.

This app is very easy to use as it lets you sort or manually change the order of the lists to suit your preferences and lets you choose to whether hide checked items or move them to the top or bottom. A great choice for anyone attempting to organise a Christmas event.

The Christmas List

the christmas list

Download: iOS

This is another great app to help you with your Christmas shopping. As well as keeping you on-budget, this app lets you set what store you want to buy your gifts from, generating individual lists for each shop. This feature can help speed up your shopping by making you think about which shops you want to go to and giving you a list of everything you need from that exact place.

It also features a Christmas countdown, which is great for those who sometimes leave shopping to the last minute, and this app even lets you set a PIN to keep out prying eyes if you are sharing your device.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

jamie oliver

Download: iOS

If you need some extra ideas for meals leading up to the big day, then we can definitely recommend the free Jamie Oliver’s Recipes app. Every week it updates with fifteen new seasonal recipes so whether you need some extra Christmas eve dishes or ideas for great New Year’s food, this app can suggest fantastic options throughout the whole season.

Updating every Monday and with access to videos and handy how-to guides, this app is a great way to help boost your cooking skills to the next level.

GiftPlanner – Christmas List Organiser


Download: iOS

The GiftPlanner app is a great multipurpose gift organiser app that has some fantastic additional features. Not only can you add you track your contacts wish-lists and interests, but the app also allows you to add details like tracking the sizes that they wear for clothing gifts.

This app is also able to scan barcodes to bring up available product information so that recording what gift you are buying becomes incredibly easy.

Download some of these apps to help you this Christmas and easily keep on top of all your Christmas preparations and gifts.