Apple WWDC 2016: Day One Round-Up

Apple WWDC 2016

Apple WWDC, the company’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, is back for another year in sunny San Francisco. This time we expect big news on iOS 10 and Mac OS, as well as updates on Apple Watch and of course, the highly-anticipated iPhone 7. To help you keep up with all the latest developments, we’ve pulled together all the highlights from day one of Apple WWDC 2016 at Tesco Mobile.

iOS 10

Apple’s brand new operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 10, offers a plethora of new features to get excited about. Firstly, the lockscreen has been majorly revamped for the first time since the launch of the iPhone nine years ago. Slide to unlock is still the main way to activate the device, but now you can simply raise your iPhone to wake it up. Notifications are now split into separate bubbles, featuring 3D Touch actions to respond to each – for instance, you can hard press on a calendar invite to accept or decline it. This works particularly well for messages, as you can reply without having to leave the lockscreen.

The control centre has also been redesigned to be more spacious and slick looking, to tie in with the overall theme of iOS 10. You’ll still find the four app shortcuts along the bottom – flashlight, stopwatch, calculator, and camera – but Night Shift has been moved to sit above them. Swipe right on the control centre to find the music controls, which now have their own dedicated space with bigger controls and album art. Speaking of swiping right, you can now access the camera without having to unlock your phone or open the control centre – all you have to do is slide the lockscreen right and the camera app will open.

iOS 10 goes on to utilise “Deep Learning” through Siri advancements and photo updates. If you’re replying to a message using the QuickType keyboard on the lockscreen, Siri can understand the context of what you’re typing and suggest relevant words above the keyboard. Using Deep Learning, Siri can also tell if you’re arranging something and offer to input the event in your calendar. As for photos, iOS 10 uses facial recognition to create albums, as well as grouping your snaps together via location called “Memories”. It also allows you to recall your photos and videos in a customisable movie, which is assembled automatically from each Memory.


Another revamp seen on iOS 10 is the look of Apple Music and Apple News. Apple Music looks much cleaner, giving album art priority and suggesting music you may like in a logical way through a new “For You” tab. Likewise, Apple News features a new “For You” tab that divides news into topics you may like, as well as hand-picked stories from editors. Apple News for iOS 10 will also introduce subscriptions and breaking news notifications will appear on your lockscreen.

iOS 10 even comes equipped with a transcription service of your voicemail, so you don’t even have to listen to the message if you don’t want to. Apple is also teaming up with a Chinese company, Tencent, to notify users if an incoming call may be spam. The Messages app has some nice new features too, such as bigger emojis and the ability to add effects to your words. You can also use “Invisible Ink”, which requires the receiver to slide their finger over a text or photo to reveal it.

iOS 10 could be available in beta form as soon as July 2016, so we won’t have to wait long to try out all the new features ourselves!

MacOS Sierra

The evolution of OS X for Mac is here with a shiny new name – meet MacOS Sierra. With the brand new name comes a brand new feature for desktop users; Siri will make its first appearance on Mac. Apple’s personal assistant will answer your questions, reply to messages, as well as offer search and music control. MacOS Sierra also offers greater iCloud capabilities with a universal clipboard and the ability to automatically share files across multiple devices. Apple claims hosting more on iCloud will free up a huge amount of hard drive space. Apple Pay is also coming to Mac, with the ability to purchase things on the web via authentication with your iPhone or Apple Watch – pretty cool, right?

WatchOS 3

Speaking of Apple Watch, the next model has yet to be unveiled. However, Apple announced the next operating system for it at the WWDC keynote, which features a host of changes attempting to right the wrongs of the current OS. To tackle slow speed, WatchOS 3 will load apps into the memory before launching to make them up to seven-times faster, as well as enabling background refresh to keep your apps up-to-date. As for the poor interface, “Glances” have been scrapped so you now access apps via the side button. You also don’t need to rely on Siri to reply to messages anymore, as you can write out individual letters on the screen. A nice feature for those who own an Apple Watch as well as a Mac – you can automatically unlock your Mac just by wearing the watch near it.


Finally, Apple TV is set for a big update this autumn. As well as featuring single sign-on for multiple apps, you can now control your TV through a remote app on your iPhone, which includes chatting to Siri to discover new movies and shows. Apple TV itself now hosts 1,300 video channels and over 6,000 apps, so you’ll never be shy of something to watch.

That’s all the major highlights from day one of Apple WWDC 2016, but there is undoubtedly more exciting news to come regarding the iPhone 7 and more. Be sure to come back to The Hub for your next update!