Apple Keynote 2016 Round-Up

iPhone 7

The sleek, camera-focused iPhone 7 dominates Apple’s Keynote

As always, Apple has confirmed suspicions, thrown a few curve balls, and set the smartphone world alight with chatter following its much-anticipated Keynote and unveiling of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 2. Read the top highlights from the event below.

The iPhone 7 ditches the headphone jack, boosts battery life and refines design

The iPhone is the best-selling product of all time – giving the iPhone 7 plenty to live up to. So what’s new?

A highly-polished design

Continuing Apple’s process of refinement and drive for elegant simplification, the iPhone 7’s aluminium and glass exterior is perfectly fused to create a beautiful design. Colours include highly polished, jet black, black, gold, silver and rose gold. The new design also features a revamped and touch-sensitive home button, which will be more responsive, reliable and even customisable.

iPhone swaps headphone jack for lightening connector

The analogue headphone jack will be removed from the iPhone and replaced with a lightening connection. Apple will include a lightening adapter in the box, allowing users to convert their existing headphones, as well as a brand new pair of lightening Apple headphones.
The iPhone 7 will also have two speakers, boasting an increased dynamic range.

Wireless Apple AirPods – cable free music

Apple also plan to make the loss of the traditional headphone jack more palatable with the introduction of the wireless Apple AirPods, sophisticated new ‘earpods’ with lots of notable features. For example, infrared sensors will detect when AirPods are in the ear, ensuring sound is only emitted when they’re in place.
They’ll play for five hours on a single charge, while the compact charging case will have 24 hours of power. Users can also pop in a single AirPod to make and receive phone calls, offering a nifty alternative to the traditional Bluetooth headsets.

Water and dust resistant casing

To achieve a water and dust resistant enclosure, the iPhone 7 went through some serious re-engineering but the result is perfect for users who want the safety of knowing one little slip-up won’t compromise their smartphone.

Increased power with better battery life

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will both boast the best battery life and performance of the iPhone family and a single charge is said to last up to two hours longer than the iPhone 6.
With Retina HD display, the iPhone 7 will also be 25% brighter than the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. What’s more, an A10 Fusion chip, two high-performance cores and a four-core processor will allow users to run memory-intensive programmes such as Adobe Lightroom and complex role playing games.

A complete camera revamp

The brand new camera allows 50% more light onto the sensor, is 30% more energy efficient, and boasts an optical image stabiliser to compensate for shaky hands. The revamped flash also puts out 50% more light and reaches 50% further, thanks to its four LED lights. It’s even able to compensate for flickering, artificial light.
The front facing camera is sharper and better too but the real game changer is found on the iPhone 7 Plus, which will also boast a second back-facing camera with a telephoto lens, allowing for an enhanced zoom that ranges from 1x to 10x and produces far superior quality to most smartphone shots.

iOS 10 – the perfect partner for the iPhone 7

iOS 10, released on September 13, will offer significant upgrades to the operating system. Including redesigned Maps, a hefty overhaul for Siri (the digital assistant has been tweaked to improve image searches and transcribing skills) and some fun new features for Messages, including screen effects like confetti and fireworks as well as movable stickers to allow users to create all kinds of content without ever having to leave the app.

Apple causes a splash with the super speedy, waterproof Apple Watch 2

The Series 2 is faster and more powerful

With a new operating system, WatchOS3, the second generation Apple Watch will be 50% faster than its previous incarnation, thanks to its dual-core processor. The graphics processing unit will also be twice as powerful, and the display twice as bright. It will be available in ceramic for the first time, as well as the same aluminium and stainless steel styles as the previous generation.

A fitness friendly smartwatch

Continuing a trend for activity and fitness-based features, the Apple Watch Series 2 will be swim-proof and is robust enough to be worn even by the most dedicated of divers, thanks to the fact it’s resistant up to 50 meters and is designed for daily underwater wear.
The Series 2 also includes built-in GPS, allowing walkers, cyclists and runners to easily log and record their workouts without having to bring their iPhone along with them.

Apple Watch Nike Plus

An exciting collaboration with Nike also means fitness-loving users can opt for an Apple Watch Nike Plus – a sporty-styled Apple Watch with its own fitness app, designed to be a perfect running partner.
The Apple Watch Series 2 is expected to hit the market mid-September, with the Nike Watch following in October.

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