App of the week: Welzen

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Welzen app

What is Welzen?

If you would like to try your hand at mindfulness this year, Welzen is a fantastic app to keep in your pocket. It offers a variety of guided meditation sessions from managing stress to reducing anxiety, helping you achieve a peaceful mindset. Whether you’ve only got five minutes or fifteen to spare, there’s a session suitable for you.

How does Welzen work?

Welzen features a cast of colourful characters to guide you along your mindfulness journey, each corresponding to a particular area of meditation. If you’re not sure what type of practice you would like to do, you can opt for the ‘Mindfulness Meditation of the Day’ instead.

Welzen is especially good for beginners, as it teaches you the science behind meditation. The app helps you find your feet in the world of mindfulness, taking you from breathing exercises to completing sessions without a voice guide. Welzen also offers ‘mindfulness coaching’, which teaches you how to engage your brain and maximise focus.

Welzen screenshots

What makes Welzen wonderful?

The first thing you’ll notice about Welzen is the eye-catching colours it uses. Pair that with the comical characters and you’ve got an app that you actually want to use. It does a great job of teaching the science of meditation, rather than just giving you sessions to complete – you really understand the benefits of mindfulness and why it is a worthwhile practice.

Welzen also features handy reminders, which you can manually set to ensure you never miss a day of meditation. What’s more, it goes beyond helping you manage stress and anxiety with sessions designed to enhance creativity, as well as improve relationships.

Where can I get Welzen?

Take the first step on your mindfulness journey with Welzen on iOS and Android today.

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