App of the week: Voi

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Voi App

What is Voi?

If you relish unravelling optical illusions and solving logic puzzles, then you’ll love playing Voi. Released in mid-June, the concept is incredibly simple: just emulate the shapes. Each level sets a new geometric challenge and the solver must use the monogram silhouettes, stacking and shifting to recreate the image to move on to the next even tougher level.

What sets Voi apart from other games?

Voi is original in its minimalist, sleek design – not only is it immensely satisfying, but the game is just plain good looking. Its simplicity is its USP in an interactive world dominated by pop-ups and alerts. It’s really easy to drop in and out of play, and its non-complex linear format means that it’s a perfect app for commuters who can snatch 5 minutes of mindful puzzle solving in between work and home.

The cleanness of the app adds to its meditative appeal as there is something quite escapist about the solving process. Logic games are proven to be beneficial for our long-term health, so this is the kind of game that you can lose yourself in guilt-free. Conquer 66 brain teasing levels (with more to be released), and if you find yourself addicted you can always check out Hocus – a puzzle game by the same manufacturer – for more mental workouts.

Voi can be bought for the bargain price of 79p and is currently only available for iOS users.

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