App of the week: The Happiness Planner

App of the week

What is The Happiness Planner?

If you’d like to adopt a more positive outlook on life, try The Happiness Planner – a digital journal and calendar that’s designed to help you become more optimistic by focusing on what makes you happy. This app encourages you to set and achieve goals, maximise your productivity, track your meals and fitness, reflect on positive moments, and record what you’re most grateful for each day.

How does The Happiness Planner work?

By training your mind to focus on what makes you happy, The Happiness Planner provides a platform to help you cultivate positive habits and incorporate them into your daily routine. Each day, you’re encouraged to practise self-reflection, record what you’re most grateful for, and set goals to enhance your personal growth.

The calendar feature allows you stay focused and organised by tracking your schedule, prioritising your to-do list, and recording your health and fitness goals.

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What makes The Happiness Planner wonderful?

One of the app’s standout features is the ‘monthly reflection’ section, which allows you to evaluate your happiness levels, and reflect on your biggest challenges, highlights, and lessons at the end of each month. This way, you can track your progress and recognise noticeable improvements as you become more mindful each day.

The Happiness Planner also comes loaded with a range of innovative features, including the ability to tag people from your contact list and easily send them a message expressing your appreciation and gratitude.

Where can I get The Happiness Planner?

Embrace the power of positive thinking and download The Happiness Planner on iOS and Android today.

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