App of the week: Take Off – The Flight Simulator

App of the week
Take Off - The Flight Simulator

What is Take Off – The Flight Simulator?

The sky’s the limit with Take Off! Take your seat at the cockpit of your very own aeroplane and work your way through multiple missions to become a professional pilot. From rescue missions to emergency landings to commercial trips, there’s plenty of variety in this enjoyable app. As you build up your soaring skills, you can establish your own airline and expand your fleet across the globe, with the ability to fly to 21 international destinations.

Tell me more…

The app’s Campaign mode is where you’ll spend most of your time, flying planes under challenging conditions to earn money. Not only will you get tourists from A to B, you’ll find yourself chasing criminals and having to land with a damaged plane, amongst other challenges. Once you progress far enough, you’ll unlock the World Map and the ability to buy your first plane for your fleet. When you’re in the air, simply fly through the markers to keep your plane on track and be sure to land like an expert to earn more money.

Take Off - The Flight Simulator screenshots

Is it worth it?

Take Off looks pretty fantastic, with realistic 3D cockpits and beautiful scenery to cruise over in Free Flight Mode. You have 14 planes to choose from and get to customise their skins, so you can pick a theme that best reflects you. The controls are simple enough to pick up quickly – your throttle is a slide bar on the right, with your joystick and rudder represented by joysticks at the bottom of the screen. While it may sound like your screen will be cluttered, it actually doesn’t take up too much space, especially if you’re playing on a tablet.

Where can I get it?

If you’re ready to Take Off, you can download the app on iOS and Android now.

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