App of the week: Super Mario Run

App of the week

What is Super Mario Run?

You can now enjoy your favourite Nintendo game on your smartphone with Super Mario Run – an app featuring all the classic Super Mario Bros. characters, visuals, and sounds, designed specifically for mobile platforms.

How do you play? 

Mario automatically runs from left to right, so you can play the game with one hand. You just need to tap the screen to make him jump, climb over obstacles, and hop to collect coins. Mario will react differently depending on when you tap the screen, and how long you hold it; the longer you tap, the higher he jumps.

The app features three different modes, including World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. World Tour is the primary mode where players must collect as many coins as they can and conquer each of the 24 levels through 6 unique worlds. Once the levels have been completed, you must defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

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What’s so great about Super Mario Run?

Nintendo has added an exciting new multiplayer battle mode called Toad Rally, which allows you to race against records set by your friends or other players around the world. In order to beat other players’ high scores, you have to collect coins and impress the Toads watching the race by performing jumps and flips.

Are you ready to play?

Start running and download Super Mario Run on iOS today!

App of the week