App of the week: SoundR

App of the week

What is SoundR?

SoundR is a music streaming app that allows you to discover tracks and playlists based on how you feel.

How does SoundR work?

The app displays coloured bubbles containing words like chill, workout, and crazy, so you can match a playlist to your current mood or activity. Simply tap on as many bubbles as you’d like, and SoundR’s algorithm will suggest a playlist based on the bubbles you’ve chosen. You can also choose songs based on genre, time of day, and seasons.

SoundR features thousands of tracks from artists such as Rihanna and Bon Iver, and it allows you to create and share your own playlists. Whether you feel like dancing or unwinding after a stressful day, you’re sure to find the perfect music to suit your mood.


What makes SoundR great?

This app is free and offers unlimited streaming with no ads.

Where can I get SoundR?

Start streaming the perfect playlist for every mood and download SoundR on iOS and Android today.

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