App of the week: Rolling Sky

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Rolling Sky app

What is Rolling Sky?

A simple, yet challenging arcade game, Rolling Sky is suitable for young and old alike. All you have to do is control a rolling ball along an obstacle course with the swipe of your finger – sounds easy, right? Not quite. The ball moves at lightning speed and you have a very short window of time to actually see what’s ahead of you, all the while trying to collect gems and avoid falling off the edge.

What makes Rolling Sky brilliant?

Rolling Sky is as fun to look at as it is to play. There’s five colourful worlds to master, all developed in stunning 3D, with a range of scenes to roll through from cosmos to forests. The obstacles also keep you on your toes, including barriers that pop your ball, lasers that blow it to smithereens and hammers that smash it to bits. Each level gets that bit harder as you roll along – not to mention addictive – which ensures you keep coming back for more. We recommend you take your phone off silent for this one too, as the music is pretty great and makes the game more exciting.

Rolling Sky screenshots

Any tips?

Keep your eye on the ball – literally! You don’t know what lies around the corner in Rolling Sky, so you need to be prepared for anything. If you’re giving this game to little ones to play, we recommend purchasing unlimited balls, as it may take them longer to master the levels and it can get super frustrating watching your ball fly off the edge again and again. If you’ve got a tablet, you may find the game easier to play on that with a bigger screen than your mobile.

Where can I get it?

Rolling Sky is available to download on iOS and Android right now, so why not give it a try?

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