App of the week: Reigns

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Reigns app

What is Reigns?

In Reigns, whether you live or die is in the cards – literally. The brand new gaming app for iOS and Android takes a page out of a certain dating app’s book, as you must swipe left or right on a deck of cards to make decisions for your kingdom. The motive behind the game is simple – extend your reign for as long as possible, i.e. stay alive!

How does Reigns work?

You are a ruler presented with a deck of cards, each with someone from your kingdom asking for help or telling you about a problem. Each decision you make will influence groups like bankers, priests or warriors, and has a direct impact on your fate. To stay in power, you must make difficult choices and try to appease your kingdom, keeping everyone as happy as possible. It may sound simple, but random events, enemies and alliances will appear to shake up your reign and make it hard to please everyone.

What makes Reigns great?

There’s no denying that Reigns is a clever take on a concept that hasn’t really been seen in gaming apps before. Swiping left and right is so simple, yet effective, making this a great game to play on the go to kill time. There are recurring characters in the decks, such as the witch and doctor, with whom you can build trust and they will confide in you. The artwork is undoubtedly a standout element of the app, with geometric characters and a slick design that’s easy on the eyes. Reigns also has a dark side, as it draws on mythical elements like sorcery and werewolves, and mixes things up with different variations along the way.

Alright, I’m ready to commence my reign…

If Reigns has caught your attention, you can download it for iOS and Android right now and begin to build your dynasty!

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