App of the week: Peak

App of the week

What is Peak?

Peak is a brain-training app that features a range of cognitive exercises designed to enhance your memory, focus, and problem solving abilities.

How does Peak Work? 

Peak offers a selection of daily games – everything from world puzzles to mazes to maths challenges – designed to give your brain a workout. With varying difficulty levels, they help to challenge and develop your cognitive skills, providing the opportunity to strengthen an array of practical, everyday skills, such as memorising lists and learning complicated concepts faster.

When you first launch the app, Peak displays a selection of areas for improvement divided into various categories, including attention, mental agility, language, co-ordination, and creative thinking. Once you’ve chosen your preferred areas, Peak will create a personalised set of tests to ensure you experience development in each category.

Not sure if you’ll have time to use Peak? The app is compatible with Apple Watch, so you can improve your attention and memory in short 45-second stints whenever you’re on-the-go.


What makes Peak unique?

Peak proves in-depth analysis of your performance with graphs and charts so you have a clear picture of your improvement over time. It also offers Coach – a personal brain trainer that helps you meet your goals by tracking your progress and offering tips on where and how you can improve.

Where can I get Peak?

Sharpen your mind and download Peak on iOS and Android today!

App of the week