App of the week: Panda Pop

App of the week
Panda Pop

What is Panda Pop?

Help rescue Mama Panda’s cubs from the evil baboon one bubble at a time in Panda Pop. If you remember Bubble Bobble, you’ll love this new take on the classic arcade game. Simply match coloured balloons to pop them and free the trapped cubs as you go along, returning them to their worried Mama!

How do you play?

Panda Pop is a deceptively long game with over 1,000 levels to work through, increasing in difficulty along the way. You begin the game with a set amount of bubbles to help rescue the baby pandas – if you run out of bubbles before saving them all, then you can either replay the level or purchase extra bubbles from the in-app store.

Armed with a range of colours, pick the one you want to launch and aim for the same colour in the bubbles above. You can use power-ups earned as you play to make calculated moves and reap the rewards, while collecting points.

Panda Pop screenshots

What makes Panda Pop joyous?

Aside from the loveable premise of Panda Pop, it’s also a delightful game to look at. The animation is adorable with bright-eyed pandas everywhere you look, as well as colourful settings behind the bubbles.

It’s a great game to whittle away the hours or pick up for a few moments on your commute, with enough challenges to keep you coming back for more.

Once you pop, you can’t stop!

Download Panda Pop on iOS or Android to help Mama Panda save her little ones today!

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