App of the week: OnTrees

App of the week

What is OnTrees?

OnTrees is a personal finance app that helps you simplify your budgeting and effectively monitor your spending. The app provides an up-to-date overview of your current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards all in one convenient place.

How does OnTrees Work?

OnTrees allows you to securely connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the app so you can easily keep track of the money coming in and going out. Once your accounts have been connected, OnTrees automatically updates your profile so you always have a real time view of your balances. It also sorts all your transactions into various categories – such as rent and groceries – which are then used to create colourful charts so you can see exactly where you’re spending and where you could save.

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What makes OnTrees unique?

OnTrees is completely secure; the app features bank-grade security to safely encrypt your data, and it’s a ‘read-only’ tool – which means money can’t be transferred in or out of your accounts through the app.

The app also comes equipped with a range of fun and innovative features, such as the ability to see which day you spend the most money in each category.

Where can I get OnTrees?

If you want to start making better financial decisions, download OnTrees today on iOS and Android!

App of the week