App of the week: My Talking Hank

App of the week
My Talking Hank

What is My Talking Hank?

From the makers of My Talking Tom comes an all-new adorable creature to take of, My Talking Hank. Your adventure begins when the stork drops puppy Hank off on the tropical island of Hawaii, where it’s up to you to nurture him and help him grow up. You can also explore the mysterious island together and meet various creatures along the way.

How do you play?

Hank is bestowed with a camera, which you can use to snap a photo of over 115 different animals on the island and add to your album. Creatures can pop up at any point throughout the game in an unlocked animal zone, from lions to pandas to elephants, so keep your eyes peeled!

My Talking Hank screenshots

Some animals are more frightened than others, so you’ll need to coax them out of hiding with toys or treats to take a good photo. Don’t forget to take care of Hank as you go along – he’ll need to eat, sleep and of course, have the occasional toilet break!

What makes My Talking Hank terrific?

If you remember Tamagotchi, you’ll love looking after Hank. He’ll also keep you smiling with his adorable antics and by repeating things you say in a funny voice. The game itself is cute and colourful, with a host of locations to unlock and explore. It’s a perfect game to keep the kids amused for hours!

Download My Talking Hank

Save yourself the bother of adopting a real puppy and download My Talking Hank on iOS and Android today.

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