App of the week: Leap Day

App of the week

What is Leap Day?

It might be a simple, one touch game, but Leap Day will present you with challenges like no others. You play a cute little yellow character who faces a brand new level every single day. It’s up to you to log in once every 24 hours to face whatever trials await you and when you do, you’ll find a brand a new puzzle to solve or monster to fight.

How do you play?

Set aside a little bit of time to get stuck into this fast-paced action platform game once a day and you’ll soon start to appreciate the magic of Leap Day. Everyday, your character will find itself in a new location, with new traps, monsters and objectives. If you manage to beat the level, you’ll get a gold trophy added to your calendar. Don’t worry if you miss a day though, you’ll still be able to enjoy the next one when it’s released.

Leap Day 2-min

What’s so ace about Leap Day?

Not only will you face a new level every day, you’ll know that all of your friends are being presented with the exact same challenge. Leap Day also packs plenty of retro nostalgia, thanks to the cute pixel graphics and platform style. If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution that’s all about relaxing and having a little fun, then committing to Leap Day might be just the ticket!

I’m ready to get leaping

Download Leap Day on Android or iOS and get ready to open up a whole new world of daily challenges.

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