App of the week: Idle Armies

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Idle Armies

What is Idle Armies?

Embrace your good and bad side with Idle Armies, an endless clicker game that is as funny as it is addictive. Though there is not much in the way of strategy for this game – simply keep tapping the screen – it is the comedic dialogue that makes it stand out from the new releases in the App Store. In Idle Armies, you have two enemy camps to control, each with unique characters and abilities, which you can upgrade as you go along. The aim is to improve skills like damage to help you take down your enemies with ease, as well as unlocking spells to use in battle.

What makes Idle Armies different?

While the premise isn’t original by any means, the quick witted dialogue makes Idle Armies a joy to play – you’ll want to keep on tapping for hours just to see what the quirky characters say next! The retro graphics also give this game a Minecraft-like feel which is all the rage nowadays and there’s tons of locations to explore along the way, from slimy swamps to green forests – you can use the travel menu to navigate your way through them after they’ve been unlocked.

Idle Armies

Any tips for playing the game?

Keep tapping! To go through your enemies as fast as possible, you need to tap the screen as quick as you can. Don’t be afraid to sit your device down and use both hands to tap like a pro – if you can’t do that, be sure to use more than one finger to fight your foes! It’s also worthwhile to plan your upgrades carefully and remember you’ll unlock more powerful characters later in the game – there’s 26 in total – so spend your rewards wisely. Also, a sneaky tip to earn extra goodies, like money and boosts, is watch some ads! It’s a nice touch from the developers to reward you for enduring the necessary evil of ads.

Where can I get it?

If you’re ready to step into battle, you can download Idle Armies for iOS and Android today!

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