App of the week: Hoop

App of the week

What is Hoop?

Think Foursquare, but for kids and you’ve pretty much got it. Hoop is an activity finder app that’s specifically designed for parents to find things to do with their kids.

It’s the brainchild of Max Jennings, who had the idea after getting tired of having to manually check notice-boards around his local area for child-friendly events, then discovering when he got there with his three-year-old daughter, it wasn’t meant for kids her age. That’s when the initial idea of Hoop came into being, and soon after, with his brother and a couple of friends, they made the idea a reality.

Hoop app

How does it work?

The app itself is pretty simple, but it’s got an array of useful options to help you find the perfect events for you and your kids. With a colourful, gender neutral interface it’s designed to be pleasant and easy to use on the go.

You enter your location, the date you want to go to the activity, how old your children are, how far you’re willing to travel to get there and whether you want to pay for the activity or not. Once all that’s in, it’ll do some searching within your parameters and give you a list of things you can get up to. No muss, no fuss.

This sounds great, how do I get it?

It’s as easy as downloading the app onto your phone (either iOS or Android) for free and getting started. Hoop say that they’re not focussing on profit right now, but in the future, they might be looking to integrate ticketing and booking. For now, you get an easy to use free app that takes the hassle out of keeping the kids entertained.

Download the app – Android, iOS

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