App of the week: Flip Diving

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Flip Diving App

There’s a new game making a splash in the app store, which allows you to take the role of a cliff diver performing dazzling aerial acrobatics! Flip Diving is all about perfecting the ultimate dive, earning coins along the way to unlock new tricks, different divers and new places to practice your skills. Hot on the heels of the Rio Olympics 2016, it’s no surprise that Flip Diving has soared in popularity.

How do I play Flip Diving?

What makes the game great is it’s so easy to pick up with a simple one-touch gameplay. Your diver starts off only knowing how to do one trick, a front flip, and all you have to do it tap, hold and release to control the dive. The perfect dive should enter the water head or feet first – no belly flops allowed! It may sound simple, but the higher you go, the more complex the dives become, and the harder it is to control the rotation of your diver. Over time, you’ll learn how to perform everything from the perfect pike to a brilliant backflip and unlock a host of characters, from a bodybuilder to a businessman.

Flip Diving Screenshots

What makes Flip Diving addictive?

Sure, Flip Diving is easy enough to play, but it takes real skill to master. The rewards are dished out via a prize wheel, which adds to the excitement of the game and entices you to play more – if you didn’t get what you wanted this time, you’ll just have to keep playing to try get it next time! Like any good smartphone game, it’s a great time killer you can pick up and play on-the-go without having to invest too much time in it. You also don’t need an internet connection to play the game, which is undoubtedly a bonus.

Where can I get it?

If you’d like to make waves in the world of cliff diving, then download Flip Diving for free on iOS or Android now! Remember to record your best dives – and biggest fails – and share them with your friends via social media.

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