App of the week: F-Secure SAFE

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What is F-Secure SAFE?

F-Secure SAFE is an antivirus and security app which allows you to safely use the internet on your phone without worry.  It safeguards personal information, flags unsafe malware and phishing sites, and provides an added layer of security if your phone is lost or stolen.

How does F-Secure SAFE work? 

F-Secure SAFE provides comprehensive security for not only your smartphone, but also your Windows PC, Mac, or tablet.

The app boasts a range of features specifically designed to make mobile browsing safe and secure: it automatically stops you from accessing harmful sites, verifies the safety of banking sites, and protects you against viruses and spyware. It also boasts an anti-theft feature, which safeguards your stored personal information in three different ways: by locking the device, clearing all your information, or by helping you locate your phone if it’s lost.

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What makes F-Secure SAFE great?

F-Secure SAFE is perfect for the whole family; it can be used to monitor and manage your children’s internet usage with browsing protection, parental control features, and the ability to set time limits.

Where can I get F-Secure SAFE?

Ensure your personal details are protected on your mobile device and download F-Secure SAFE today on iOS and Android!

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